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Journal of Science Education and Technology

Issue 3/2023

Content (10 Articles)

Effects of Robotics Education on Young Children’s Cognitive Development: a Pilot Study with Eye-Tracking

Yan Liu, Darko Odic, Xuyan Tang, Andy Ma, Maria Laricheva, Guanyu Chen, Sirui Wu, Man Niu, Yue Guo, Marina Milner-Bolotin

The Seeing Science Project: Using Design-Based Research to Develop a Transformative Experience Intervention

Kevin J. Pugh, Dylan P. J. Kriescher, Audrey J. Tocco, Colton Olson, Cassendra M. Bergstrom, Maaly Younis, Maha BenSalem

Meta-Analysis of STEM Learning Using Virtual Reality: Benefits Across the Board

Jennifer G. Cromley, Runzhi Chen, LuEttaMae Lawrence

Open Access

Digitalization of Multistep Chemistry Exercises with Automated Formative Feedback

Carolin Eitemüller, Florian Trauten, Michael Striewe, Maik Walpuski

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