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Journal of Science Education and Technology

Issue 4/2023

Content (9 Articles)

Maker Competency Instrument for Elementary and Secondary School Science

Heesun Yang, Jihyun Yoon, Kyung Kim, Seong-Joo Kang

Integrative Analysis Using Big Ideas: Energy Transfer and Cellular Respiration

Jonathan T. Shemwell, Daniel K. Capps, Ayca K. Fackler, Carlson H. Coogler

Open Access Original Article

Makerspaces Fostering Creativity: A Systematic Literature Review

Sohail Ahmed Soomro, Hernan Casakin, Vijayakumar Nanjappan, Georgi V. Georgiev

The STEM Aspirations of China’s Future Workforce

Lei Bao, Li Xie, Shihong Ma, Cheng Chen, Xiangqun Zhang, Min He, Hui Lu, Xiumei Feng, Ende Zhang, Ying Nie, Yingjie Han, Jacqueline Y. Bao

Supporting Elementary Teachers’ Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge in Computational Thinking Integration

Feiya Luo, Stephen Abiodun Ijeluola, Jill Westerlund, Amanda Walker, André Denham, John Walker, Cherelle Young

Open Access

Examining Student Testing and Debugging Within a Computational Systems Modeling Context

Jonathan Bowers, Emanuel Eidin, Lynn Stephens, Linsey Brennan

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