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Journal of Business and Psychology

Issue 1/2023

Content (13 Articles)

Fighting the 400-Year Pandemic: Racism Against Black People in Organizations

Enrica N. Ruggs, Mikki Hebl, Kristen M. Shockley

Original Paper

R.E.A.L. (Racialized Experiences in Academic Life) Talk: a Curated Conversation with Four Black Fellows

Derek R. Avery, Patrick F. McKay, Quinetta M. Roberson, Kecia M. Thomas

The Struggle Is Real: Employee Reactions to Indirect Trauma from Anti-Black Policing

Enrica N. Ruggs, Christopher K. Marshburn, Karoline M. Summerville, Kelcie Grenier

A Field Study of Racial Bias in Policing: Implications for Organizational Sciences

Tracey Rizzuto, Tyree Mitchell, Corai Jackson, Elizabeth Winchester

Original Paper

Black Physicians’ Experiences with Anti-Black Racism in Healthcare Systems Explored Through An Attraction-Selection-Attrition Lens

Myia S. Williams, Alyson K. Myers, Kayla D. Finuf, Vidhi H. Patel, Lyndonna M. Marrast, Renee Pekmezaris, Johanna Martinez

The Influence of Social Norms on the Expression of Anti-Black Bias

Abby Corrington, Naomi M. Fa-Kaji, Mikki Hebl, Anamely Salgado, N. Derek Brown, Linnea Ng

SI: Anti-Black Racism in Organizations

A Call to Action: Six Anti-Black Racism Topics Practitioners Encourage Researchers to Investigate

Asia T. McCleary-Gaddy, Casey C. Smith, Jimmy Davis

Research on Anti-Black Racism in Organizations: Insights, Ideas, and Considerations

Danielle D. King, Alison V. Hall, Lars Johnson, James Carter, Dominique Burrows, Naomi Samuel

Original Paper

A Content Validation of Work Passion: Was the Passion Ever There?

Rachel Williamson Smith, Hanyi Min, Matthew A. Ng, Nicholas J. Haynes, Malissa A. Clark

Original Paper

How Can Organizational Leaders Help? Examining the Effectiveness of Leaders’ Support During a Crisis

Cheryl E. Gray, Paul E. Spector, Janelle E. Wells, Shayla R. Bianchi, Claudia Ocana-Dominguez, Casey Stringer, Javier Sarmiento, Tiffany Butler