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Journal of Business and Psychology

Issue 2/2023

Content (12 Articles)

Original Paper

Data Aggregation in Multilevel Research: Best Practice Recommendations and Tools for Moving Forward

James M. LeBreton, Amanda N. Moeller, Jenell L. S. Wittmer

Open Access Original Paper

Psychological and Hierarchical Closeness as Opposing Factors in Whistleblowing: A Meta-Analysis

Dimitrios Batolas, Sonja Perkovic, Panagiotis Mitkidis

Original Paper

Evaluating a Natural Language Processing Approach to Estimating KSA and Interest Job Analysis Ratings

Dan J. Putka, Frederick L. Oswald, Richard N. Landers, Adam S. Beatty, Rodney A. McCloy, Martin C. Yu

Open Access Original Paper

Perceived Red Tape and Precursors of Turnover: the Roles of Work Engagement and Career Adaptability

Zhou Jiang, Alexander Newman, Gary Schwarz, Huong Le

Original Paper

Keeping Employees Safe During Health Crises: The Effects of Media Exposure, HR Practices, and Age

Shuqi Li, Henry R. Young, Majid Ghorbani, Byron Y. Lee, Daan van Knippenberg, Russell E. Johnson