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Journal of Business and Psychology

Issue 1/2024

Content (12 Articles)

Open Access Original Paper

Improving Reactions to Forced-Choice Personality Measures in Simulated Job Application Contexts Through the Satisfaction of Psychological Needs

Tristan C. Borman, Patrick D. Dunlop, Marylène Gagné, Matthew Neale

Original Paper

The Shift Flextime Scale: a Measure of Flextime Availability, Use, and Consequences for Shift Workers

Kimberly A. French, Mark D. Agars, Maryana L. Arvan

Original Paper

The Weight of Debt: Relationships of Debt with Employee Experiences

Kristen Jennings Black, Robert R. Sinclair, Baylor A. Graham, Gargi Sawhney, Alec Munc

Original Paper

The Role of Time, Skill Emphasis, and Verifiability in Job Applicants’ Self-Reported Skill and Experience

Joseph A. Schmidt, Joshua S. Bourdage, Eden-Raye Lukacik, Patrick D. Dunlop

Original Paper

Facing an Unexpected Negotiation Partner: the Impact of Hiring Manager Gender Role Violation on Job Candidates

Sara Jansen Perry, Emily M. Hunter, Abigail R. Corrington, Michelle “Mikki” R. Hebl

Original Paper

Communicating Adverse Impact Analyses Clearly: A Bayesian Approach

Karyssa A. Courey, Frederick L. Oswald

Original Paper

Are Multiple-Identity Holders More Creative? The Roles of Ambivalence and Mindfulness

Yangxin Wang, Dora C. Lau, Youngsang Kim

Open Access Original Paper

Interplay between Safety Climate and Emotional Exhaustion: Effects on First Responders’ Safety Behavior and Wellbeing Over Time

Jin Lee, Christian J. Resick, Joseph A. Allen, Andrea L. Davis, Jennifer A. Taylor

Open Access Original Paper

Peer Justice and the Individual

Yolanda Estreder, Priscila Álvarez, Vicente Martínez-Tur, Russell Cropanzano, Inés Tomás

Open Access Original Paper

Cognitive Reflection and Decision-Making Accuracy: Examining Their Relation and Boundary Conditions in the Context of Evidence-based Management

Christian Criado-Perez, Chris Jackson, Amirali Minbashian, Catherine G. Collins