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Journal of Business and Psychology

Issue 6/2023

Content (11 Articles)

Original Paper

Well-being: the Ultimate Criterion for Organizational Sciences

Louis Tay, Cassondra Batz-Barbarich, Liu-Qin Yang, Christopher W. Wiese

Original Paper

Who’s Remembering to Buy the Eggs? The Meaning, Measurement, and Implications of Invisible Family Load

Julie Holliday Wayne, Maura J. Mills, Yi-Ren Wang, Russell A. Matthews, Marilyn V. Whitman

Open Access Original Paper

Houston We Have a Problem: How Debriefing Method Impacts Open Communication and the Depth of Team Reflexivity

Kimberly A. Smith-Jentsch, Mary Jane Sierra

Original Paper

Linking Leader Humor to Employee Bootlegging: a Resource-Based Perspective

Lihua Zhang, Ge Qin, Fu Yang, Ping Jiang

Original Paper

Does Leader Humility Foster Employee Bootlegging? Examining the Mediating Role of Relational Energy and the Moderating Role of Work Unit Structure

Jinzhao Qu, Svetlana N. Khapova, Shiyong Xu, Wenjing Cai, Ying Zhang, Lihua Zhang, Xinling Jiang