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Journal of Business and Psychology

Issue 4/2023

Content (12 Articles)

Open Access Original Paper

How to Induce an Error Management Climate: Experimental Evidence from Newly Formed Teams

Dorothee Horvath, Nina Keith, Alexander Klamar, Michael Frese

Original Paper

Workplace Mindfulness: Multidimensional Model, Scale Development and Validation

Xiaoming Zheng, Dan Ni, Xin Liu, Lindie H. Liang

Open Access Original Paper

Overcoming Procrastination: Time Pressure and Positive Affect as Compensatory Routes to Action

Jana Kühnel, Ronald Bledow, Angela Kuonath

Original Paper

Recovery Experiences for Work and Health Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis and Recovery-Engagement-Exhaustion Model

Lucille Headrick, Daniel A. Newman, Young Ah Park, Yijue Liang

Original Paper

Error Disclosure Climate and Safety Climate Trajectories: the Mediating Role of Counterfactual Sharing

Yimin He, Jin Lee, Yueng-hsiang Huang, Xiang Yao, Theodore K. Courtney

Original Paper

Linking Core Self-Evaluations to Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: An Approach-Avoidance Perspective

Daniel P. Gullifor, Farzaneh Noghani, Scott W. Lester, Elizabeth P. Karam, Claudia C. Cogliser