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Journal of Business and Psychology

Issue 3/2023

Content (12 Articles)

Open Access Original Paper

Trust in Artificial Intelligence: Comparing Trust Processes Between Human and Automated Trustees in Light of Unfair Bias

Markus Langer, Cornelius J. König, Caroline Back, Victoria Hemsing

Original Paper

Deep Learning in Employee Selection: Evaluation of Algorithms to Automate the Scoring of Open-Ended Assessments

Isaac Thompson, Nick Koenig, Derek L. Mracek, Scott Tonidandel

Original Paper

Emotion Regulation Can Build Resources: How Amplifying Positive Emotions Is Beneficial for Employees and Organizations

Matthew L. Lapalme, Felipe Rojas-Quiroga, Julio A. Pertuzé, Pilar Espinoza, Carolina Rojas-Córdova, Juan Felipe Ananias

Original Paper

Employee Status and Voice Under Authoritarian Leadership: An Attachment Perspective

Jinyun Duan, Tingxi Wang, Yue Xu, Yue Zhu

Original Paper

The Burden of Hate: How Nonwork Discrimination Experienced During the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacts Asian American Employees

Lindsay Y. Dhanani, Matthew L. LaPalme, Carolyn T. Pham, Taylor K. Hall

Original Paper

Situational Strength as a Lens to Understand the Strain Implications of Extra-Normative Work

Charles Calderwood, Rustin D. Meyer, Molly E. Minnen

Original Paper

What Makes a Creative Team Player? A Social Dilemma Perspective on External Regulation and Creativity

March L. To, Catherine K. Lam, Xu Huang, Rajiv K. Amarnani

Open Access Original Paper

Development and Validation of the Marginalized-Group-Focused Diversity Climate Scale: Group Differences and Outcomes

Nouran Sakr, Leanne S. Son Hing, M. Gloria González-Morales