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Journal of Business and Psychology

Issue 6/2022

Content (12 Articles)

Original Paper

Beyond the Baby Bump: Subtle Discrimination Against Working Mothers In the Hiring Process

Ho Kwan Cheung, Amanda J. Anderson, Eden B. King, Bhindai Mahabir, Karyn Warner, Kristen P. Jones

Open Access Original Paper

Valence, Instrumentality, Expectancy, and Ability as Determinants of Faking, and the Effects of Faking on Criterion-Related Validity

Patrick D. Dunlop, Djurre Holtrop, Liam M. Ashby, Anupama Bharadwaj, John J. Donovan

Original Paper

When a Good Day Makes for a Good Night: Antecedents of Sleep and Morning States

Charlotte Fritz, David E. Caughlin, Dana Auten

Original Paper

Incivility Begets Incivility: Understanding the Relationship Between Experienced and Enacted Incivility with Customers Over Time

Candice L. Thomas, Lars U. Johnson, Andrea M. Cornelius, Haley R. Cobb, Lauren D. Murphy, Dulce Vega

Open Access Original Paper

Disentangling the Creative Process: an Examination of Differential Antecedents and Outcomes for Specific Process Elements

Gerben Tolkamp, Tim Vriend, Bart Verwaeren, Roni Reiter-Palmon, Bernard Nijstad