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Quantum Information Processing

Issue 7/2023

Content (29 Articles)

Routing a quantum state in a bio-inspired network

Elham Faraji, Alireza Nourmandipour, Stefano Mancini, Marco Pettini, Roberto Franzosi

Phase shift and multi-controlled Z-type gates

Andrei Novikov, Ramil Zainulin

Quantum circuits for discrete-time quantum walks with position-dependent coin operator

Ugo Nzongani, Julien Zylberman, Carlo-Elia Doncecchi, Armando Pérez, Fabrice Debbasch, Pablo Arnault

Regular Article

Sedentariness in quantum walks

Hermie Monterde

Open Access Regular Article

Decoherence mitigation by embedding a logical qubit in a qudit

Hideyuki Miyahara, Yiyou Chen, Vwani Roychowdhury, Louis-Serge Bouchard

Open Access

A universal quantum algorithm for weighted maximum cut and Ising problems

Natacha Kuete Meli, Florian Mannel, Jan Lellmann

Regular Article

Solving MaxCut with quantum imaginary time evolution

Rizwanul Alam, George Siopsis, Rebekah Herrman, James Ostrowski, Phillip C. Lotshaw, Travis S. Humble

Quantum circuit implementations of SM4 block cipher based on different gate sets

Da Lin, Zejun Xiang, Runqing Xu, Xiangyong Zeng, Shasha Zhang

Regular Article

Tunable bandpass routers of single photons with three-level emitters

Jin-Song Huang, Xi-Meng Feng, Zhong-Hui Xu, Yan-Ling Li, Kai-Yan Wu

Star network quantum steering

Huijie Zhang, Shuyuan Yang, Kan He

Open Access Regular Article

Logical qubit behavior model and fast simulation for surface code

Soo-Cheol Oh, Gyu-Il Cha

Decoupling nuclear spins via interaction-induced freezing in nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond

Abhishek Kejriwal, Dasika Shishir, Sumiran Pujari, Kasturi Saha

Multipartite strongly symmetric states and applications to geometric entanglement and classicality

Liang Xiong, Qi Qin, Jianzhou Liu, Zhirui Gong, Zhanfeng Jiang, Nung-sing Sze

Regular Article

Multipartite entanglement detection via correlation minor norm

Rain Lenny, Amit Te’eni, Bar Y. Peled, Avishy Carmi, Eliahu Cohen

Open Access Correction

Correction: A quantum vocal theory of sound

Davide Rocchesso, Maria Mannone