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Atlantis Studies in Variational Geometry

Atlantis Studies in Variational Geometry
4 Jahrgänge | 2015 - 2016


The series 'Atlantis Studies in Variational Geometry' publishes monographs and research proceedings in all parts of mathematics and mathematical physics, related to the variational theory on smooth manifolds and the classical calculus of variations. Variational Geometry being synthetic and interdisciplinary in nature, books published will overlap with such disciplines as Differential Equations, Optimal Control, Geometric Structures, Riemann-Finsler Geometry, Global Analysis, Geometric Mechanics and Field Theory.

Alle Bücher der Reihe Atlantis Studies in Variational Geometry

2016 | Buch

Noether's Theorems

Applications in Mechanics and Field Theory

The book provides a detailed exposition of the calculus of variations on fibre bundles and graded manifolds. It presents applications in such area's as non-relativistic mechanics, gauge theory, gravitation theory and topological field theory with …

2016 | Buch

Cartan Geometries and their Symmetries

A Lie Algebroid Approach

In this book we first review the ideas of Lie groupoid and Lie algebroid, and the associated concepts of connection. We next consider Lie groupoids of fibre morphisms of a fibre bundle, and the connections on such groupoids together with their …

2015 | Buch

Introduction to Global Variational Geometry

The book is devoted to recent research in the global variational theory on smooth manifolds. Its main objective is an extension of the classical variational calculus on Euclidean spaces to (topologically nontrivial) finite-dimensional smooth manifold

2015 | Buch

The Inverse Problem of the Calculus of Variations

Local and Global Theory

The aim of the present book is to give a systematic treatment of the inverse problem of the calculus of variations, i.e. how to recognize whether a system of differential equations can be treated as a system for extremals of a variational functional