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International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer

International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer 2/2020

Ausgabe 2/2020

SPIN 2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 8 Artikel )

21.01.2020 | Introduction | Ausgabe 2/2020

Introduction to the Special Issue devoted to SPIN 2018

María del Mar Gallardo, Pedro Merino

01.04.2019 | SPIN 2018 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Model-based testing of apps in real network scenarios

Laura Panizo, Almudena Díaz, Bruno García

06.08.2019 | SPIN 2018 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Joint forces for memory safety checking revisited

Marek Chalupa, Jan Strejček, Martina Vitovská

05.11.2019 | SPIN 2018 | Ausgabe 2/2020

IC3 software model checking

Tim Lange, Martin R. Neuhäußer, Thomas Noll, Joost-Pieter Katoen

30.04.2019 | Spin 2018 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Counting Petri net markings from reduction equations

Bernard Berthomieu, Didier Le Botlan, Silvano Dal Zilio

11.12.2018 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

A greedy particle swarm optimization (GPSO) algorithm for testing real-world smart card applications

Hamzeh M. Allawi, Waref Al Manaseer, Mohammad Al Shraideh

22.02.2019 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Spatial logics and model checking for medical imaging

Fabrizio Banci Buonamici, Gina Belmonte, Vincenzo Ciancia, Diego Latella, Mieke Massink

07.03.2019 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

A formal approach to AADL model-based software engineering

Hana Mkaouar, Bechir Zalila, Jérôme Hugues, Mohamed Jmaiel

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