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Journal of Applied and Industrial Mathematics

Journal of Applied and Industrial Mathematics 4/2019

Ausgabe 4/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 19 Artikel )

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

The Duhamel Method in the Inverse Problems for Hyperbolic Equations. II

A. N. Artyushin

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

Maximum Intersection of Linear Codes and Codes Equivalent to Linear

S. V. Avgustinovich, E. V. Gorkunov

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

Structure of the Phase Portrait of a Piecewise-Linear Dynamical System

N. B. Ayupova, V. P. Golubyatnikov

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

A Bilevel “Attacker-Defender” Model to Choosing the Composition of Attack Means

V. L. Beresnev, A. A. Melnikov

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

An Inverse Problem for the System of Viscoelasticity Equations in Homogeneous Anisotropic Media

U. D. Durdiev

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

On the Equilibrium of a Two-Layer Elastic Structure with a Crack

I. V. Fankina

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

Creep and Plastic Flow in a Rotating Cylinder with a Rigid Inclusion

S. V. Firsov, A. N. Prokudin, A. A. Burenin

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

On the Global Implicit Criterion of a Fracture Propagation Under Mixed Load

V. N. Lapin, A. A. Fomina

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

Self-Sustained Oscillations on the Back Branch of the Inverse Hysteresis in a Mathematical Model of Catalytic CO Oxidation over Palladium

E. A. Lashina, N. A. Chumakova, G. A. Chumakov

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

Iterative Approach to Solving Boundary Integral Equations in the Two-Dimensional Vortex Methods of Computational Hydrodynamics

E. A. Mikhailov, I. K. Marchevskii, K. S. Kuzmina

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

On Equilibrium of the Elastic Bodies with Cracks Crossing Thin Inclusions

N. A. Nikolaeva

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

On the Properties of the Symbols of One Class of Hypoelliptic Equations

H. A. Petrosyan

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

Complexity of Cyclic Job Shop Scheduling Problems for Identical Jobs with No-Wait Constraints

A. A. Romanova, V. V. Servakh

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

On the Perfectness of Minimal Regular Partitions of the Edge Set of the n-Dimensional Cube

K. L. Rychkov

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

New Solutions of Dynamical Equations of Ideal Plasticity

S. I. Senashov, I. L. Savostyanova

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

On a Relation Between the Depth and Complexity of Monotone Boolean Formulas

I. S. Sergeev

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

Relationship Between Homogeneous Bent Functions and Nagy Graphs

A. S. Shaporenko

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

An Implicit Iterative Method for Numerical Solution of the Cauchy Problem for Elliptic Equations

S. B. Sorokin

01.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

Undominatedness of Equilibria in a Mixed Economy of Arrow—Debreu Type

V. A. Vasil’ev

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