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Modern Industrial Services

A Cookbook for Design, Delivery, and Management

verfasst von: Shaun West, Paolo Gaiardelli, Nicola Saccani

Verlag: Springer International Publishing

Buchreihe : Springer Texts in Business and Economics


Über dieses Buch

This open access book is an outcome of several years of research, practice, and teaching experience of the authors on the challenges that underpin the successful switch to services for manufacturing firms. Ideal for a student as well as a practitioner, the book describes the industrial services ecosystem, the barriers and challenges, and a roadmap for building service excellence. Curated cases are used to describe the current approaches in practice to overcome the barriers. The book also provides several tools, each with a short introduction, that the authors have used successfully in projects to help overcome the servitization barriers. Many of these tools are from management, design thinking, or service design. The service excellence roadmap is based on the development methodology and helps current and future business leaders to create their own individual roadmaps.



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1. Understanding the Barriers That Slow Firms Shifting from Products to Services
This chapter provides an introduction to “servitization” and, in particular, why manufacturing firms are moving into services and how the transition has been slowed. The first section provides an overview of how this book works. It then moves on to introduce product-service systems and the rationale for servitization from the perspective of a manufacturing firm. This is then examined from different perspectives and uses the product lifecycle as an anchor. It moves on to describe the journey into services and then a complex system that often exists within industrial product-service systems. Finally, the seven barriers are explored before providing additional reading.
Shaun West, Paolo Gaiardelli, Nicola Saccani

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2. Overcoming the Barriers to Service Excellence
The seven barriers to be overcome on the way to successful implementation of servitization are as follows: customers; organizational structure and culture; knowledge and information; products and activities; competitors, suppliers, and partners; economic and finance; and society and environment. We will look at each of the barriers in more detail, based on the ranking described in Chap. 1. This chapter draws from the published and unpublished work of the authors using the survey data and the interview insights. This chapter will use cases to describe how others overcame the barriers (Fig. 2.1).
Shaun West, Paolo Gaiardelli, Nicola Saccani

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3. Methods and Tools for Overcoming the Barriers to Servitization and Service Excellence
In this chapter we tell you about the methods and tools that have helped many people overcome the barriers to servitization and achieve service excellence. Some of these methods and tools may be new to you, and some we hope you will be familiar with. There are many other aids that are available, and we are sure you have some tools that your firm uses. Our objective was not to tell you what to use but rather to provide you with a set of equipment that can help you achieve what is important for you. The tools are listed from A to Z and categorized into different groups to help you to identify when you might want to use a particular tool. We have not provided detailed instructions on how to use each tool, as there are more than enough other books that can help you here, but rather provided a list of what we think are most useful. You will find many similar templates at https://​www.​mural.​co/​ that are easy to use and share with colleagues.
Shaun West, Paolo Gaiardelli, Nicola Saccani
Modern Industrial Services
verfasst von
Shaun West
Paolo Gaiardelli
Nicola Saccani
Springer International Publishing
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