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This book is designed for entry-through-intermediate-level device designers who want to build their own Internet of Things (IoT) projects for prototyping and proof-of-concept purposes. Expert makers may also find interesting new approaches. Raspberry Pi IoT Projects contains the tools needed to build a prototype of your design, sense the environment, communicate with the Internet (over the Internet and Machine to Machine communications) and display the results.

Several IoT projects and designs are shown from the start to the finish including an IoT Heartbeat Monitor, an IoT Swarm, IoT Solar Powered Weather Station, an IoT iBeacon Application and a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) IoT Inventory Tracking System. The software is presented as reusable libraries, primarily in Python and C with full source code available. Raspberry Pi IoT Projects: Prototyping Experiments for Makers is also a valuable learning resource for classrooms and learning labs.



Chapter 1. Introduction to IOT

Chapter Goal: Understand What the IOT Is and How to Prototype IOT Devices.
John C. Shovic

Chapter 2. Sensing Your IOT Environment

Chapter Goal: Build Your First IOT Device.
John C. Shovic

Chapter 3. Building a Solar Powered IOT Weather Station

Chapter Goal: Gathering Data and Transmission of Data across the Internet
John C. Shovic

Chapter 4. Changing Your Environment with IOT and iBeacons

In Chapter 3, you saw a flexible, solar powered system to deliver data to the IOT (in this case including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) through the weather interface, CWOP. IOTWeatherPi delivered a lot of information on a regular basis.
John C. Shovic

Chapter 5. Connecting an IOT Device to a Cloud Server - IOTPulse

This chapter will show the reader how to connect an IOT device to a cloud server, IBM Bluemix. The complexity in this chapter is not building the device, but rather navigating the setup process for adding your device to the cloud.
John C. Shovic

Chapter 6. Using IOT for RFID and MQTT and the Raspberry Pi

Chapter Goal: Build an IOT device for Reading RFID Tags on Various Packages
John C. Shovic

Chapter 7. Computer Security and the IOT

Chapter Goal: Understand the Basics of IOT Computer Security
John C. Shovic


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