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2021 | Buch

Vacuum Circuit Breaker for Aviation Variable Frequency Power System

Theory and Application of Arc in Electrical Apparatus

verfasst von: Dr. Yuan Jiang, Prof. Qing Li

Verlag: Springer Singapore

Buchreihe : Power Systems


Über dieses Buch

This book introduces the concepts of more electric aircraft and aviation electrical appliances, as well as the aviation experimental platform of vacuum switches, the interruption characteristics, frequency characteristics and post-arc breakdown characteristics of intermediate frequency vacuum switches, etc. It is the first monograph on protection electrical appliances, vacuum interrupter in aviation variable frequency power system. This book includes a lot of experimental process and chart analysis for readers to understand and provides references for practical engineering problems. This book could be used as references for engineers and technicians working on electric power systems in aircrafts.


Chapter 1. Introduction
As a strategic industry, aviation industry is an important symbol of science and technology, industrial base, and comprehensive strength, and has been highly valued and given priority to development by all countries worldwide. With the application of new technologies such as electromechanical actuators and power by wire (PBW), the onboard load capacity has been greatly improved. While the power consumption has been increased and the power supply quality and reliability have been improved, the existing power system is unable to meet the power demand, thus promoting the development of large capacity aviation power supply system. Facing the future, the secondary power system of aircraft will gradually be unified into the electric power system, from the traditional multi-energy system such as mechanical energy, hydraulic energy, and pneumatic energy. That is named more/all-electric aircraft.
Yuan Jiang, Qing Li
Chapter 2. Experiment and Simulation Platform of Variable Frequency Power System
The main function of the circuit breaker is to remove the fault in the power system automatically. It is an important research content to analyze the mechanism of arc generating in the process of interrupting and improve the current breaking capacity, so the interruption test is the most important experiment.
Yuan Jiang, Qing Li
Chapter 3. Contacts Characteristics of Variable Frequency Vacuum Arc
Diameter and material of contact are important parameters for vacuum circuit breakers. It is of great theoretical and practical value to study arc characteristics under different materials and diameters.
Yuan Jiang, Qing Li
Chapter 4. Frequency Characteristics of Variable Frequency Vacuum Arc
As is known, in the aviation power supply system, the increase of current frequency will lead to the increase in the change rate, di/dt, when current crossing zero, and accelerate the rise rate of recovery voltage, du/dt, and the eddy current effect will be more obvious.
Yuan Jiang, Qing Li
Chapter 5. Post-arc Breakdown in Variable Frequency Vacuum Arc
The arc voltage is a macroscopic reflection of vacuum arc plasma, which can reflect the evolution of arc and is closely related to the breaking capacity of the current. Research on vacuum arc at power frequency has shown that voltage noise would be produced at high current level. This chapter will study the phenomena of voltage spike, voltage noise, and post-arc breakdown of VF vacuum arc.
Yuan Jiang, Qing Li
Correction to: Vacuum Circuit Breaker for Aviation Variable Frequency Power System
Yuan Jiang, Qing Li
Vacuum Circuit Breaker for Aviation Variable Frequency Power System
verfasst von
Dr. Yuan Jiang
Prof. Qing Li
Springer Singapore
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