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05.12.2022 | Original Paper

Modified continuum theoretical model for size-dependent piezoelectric properties of nanowires

In this paper, a continuum theoretical model for interpreting size-dependent piezoelectric properties of nanowires is proposed. The influence of surface elasticity and surface piezoelectricity decreases with increasing distance from nanowire …

05.12.2022 | Original Paper

Nonlinear vibrations of doubly curved composite sandwich shells with FDM additively manufactured flexible honeycomb core

Geometrically nonlinear forced vibrations of doubly curved sandwich shell with honeycomb core, which is manufactured by fused deposition modeling (FDM), are analyzed numerically. The higher-order shear deformation theory is used to describe the …

Open Access 04.12.2022 | Original Paper

Mixed-dimensional poromechanical models of fractured porous media

We combine classical continuum mechanics with the recently developed calculus for mixed-dimensional problems to obtain governing equations for flow in, and deformation of, fractured materials. We present models in both the context of finite and …

03.12.2022 | Original Paper

Probabilistic solution for an MDOF hysteretic degrading system to modulated non-stationary excitations

Structures usually exhibit hysteretic and deteriorative behaviors under strong loading, which is generally modeled as a multi-degree-of-freedom nonlinear and hysteretic system under non-stationary random excitations. The resulting governing …

02.12.2022 | Original Paper

A generalized thermoelastic diffusion theory of porous materials considering strain, thermal and diffusion relaxation, and its application in the ultrashort pulse laser heating

In order to obtain the transient thermoelastic diffusion responses of porous materials heated by the ultrashort pulse laser, the focus of this work is to establish a generalized thermoelastic diffusion theory considering strain, thermal and …

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Since 1965, the international journal Acta Mechanica has been among the leading journals in the field of theoretical and applied mechanics. In addition to the fields of solid and fluid mechanics, such as elasticity, plasticity, vibrations and control, structures, multi-body dynamics, hydrodynamics, gasdynamics and multiphase flows, it also gives special attention to areas such as Non-Newtonian fluid dynamics, micro- and nanomechanics of fluids and solids, smart materials and structures, biomechanics of solids and fluids, and novel issues at the interface of mechanics and materials.
The journal further publishes papers in such related fields as rheology, thermodynamics, and electromagnetic interactions with fluids and solids. Acta Mechanica emphasizes originality in all aspects of theoretical, experimental, and computational mechanics that are of lasting value and of current interest. Acta Mechanica will also publish special issues and editor-invited Reviews and Perspectives.

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