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Understand SharePoint communication sites and create one on your own using SharePoint Home available in Office 365. This beginner's book will advise you about the ways to integrate your existing collaboration channels with SharePoint communication sites. Along the way you will see how to embed documents, videos, and real-time data from across Office 365, including documents from SharePoint, Power BI reports, Microsoft Stream videos, and Yammer discussions.
The author starts by giving an introduction to SharePoint communication sites and how to create them. Next, you’ll cover various cases to understand the benefits of communicating through SharePoint communications sites. Further, you will learn how to design collaborative experiences for end users along with ways to plan social intranets. Here, you will understand how to integrate Yammer, SharePoint Online and email in order to build a collaborative experience. You will then integrate communication sites with Office 365 products for better end user collaboration. Finally, you will discover how to plan for and create communities using communication sites and learn more about social knowledge management.
After reading Beginning SharePoint Communication Sites, you will be able to create and manage SharePoint communication sites and improve ways to communicate and collaborate within your organization. What You Will LearnCreate SharePoint communication sites to share information with larger and smaller groups
Enrich the end-user experience while sharing information with a bigger audience
Plan digital intranets using SharePoint communication sites
Design visually compelling intranets
Transform the way you share information within your company
Dynamically pull in and display data, documents, and information via web parts
Integrate with Yammer and emails to create collaborative user experiencesWho This Book Is For
IT workers who use SharePoint and are involved in internal communication management, evangelism, digital transformation, social media, and intranet design.



Chapter 1. SharePoint and Communication Sites: An Introduction

To begin, we take a glimpse of SharePoint Online and its associated functionalities—the hub site, team site, and communication site. Once you have a good understanding, we move to SharePoint’s community sites and explore various features in depth.
Charles David Waghmare

Chapter 2. Effectively Communicate and Collaborate Using Communication Sites

In the first chapter, we saw an overview of how you can use communication sites, Team sites and hub sites in SharePoint Online and some situations in which you need a Team, hub or communication site. Then, we looked at some SharePoint Online features. In this chapter, we describe various use cases where communicating through SharePoint communication sites is better. We also see how communication sites are useful to communicate to small and large groups and create a scope for collaboration.
Charles David Waghmare

Chapter 3. Build Collaborative Experiences for End Users

In the previous chapter, we learned how SharePoint communication sites makes a difference in enriching the communication and collaborative experience. We saw some use cases where different departments went through different challenges, yet SharePoint communication sites can address these issues. In this chapter, you learn how to build collaborative experiences for your end users with the help of SharePoint communication sites.
Charles David Waghmare

Chapter 4. Create Digital Intranets

The corporate intranet is the key source of information for any organization. All major announcements, news, updates, and stories are communicated through the corporate intranet. Organizations have now become smarter and created digital intranets, which provides an easy way to share information using graphics and multimedia, gather feedback from information consumers, and have place for them to share information. In this chapter, we explore designing digital intranets using the webparts available in SharePoint communication sites.
Charles David Waghmare

Chapter 5. Integration of Communication Sites with Office 365 Services

In the previous chapter, we saw how SharePoint communication sites can be used to create digital intranets very simply. Further, we saw how digital intranets using SharePoint communication sites make communication and collaboration with end users very easy and straightforward. With the available webparts, you can create visually captivating social intranets. In this chapter, we will look at the integration of SharePoint communication sites with Office 365 products and discuss high-end SharePoint communications with information flowing from other Office 365 applications such as Yammer, Power BI, Teams, Stream, and others. In the beginning, we look at the Office 365 product family and discuss their integration into SharePoint Online.
Charles David Waghmare

Chapter 6. Use Communication Sites to Manage Communities of Practice (CoP)

In the previous chapter, we saw how we can enhance collaboration by integrating it with Office services such as Teams, Streams, Yammer, and others. This is collaboration at its best because it’s seamless. You can access the platforms with one sign-in, i.e. the Office 365 SIGNIN mechanism, and discover a unique seamless experience. In this chapter, we are going to learn how SharePoint communication sites are used manage multiple communities in order to create a collaborative experience and build a community of practice.
Charles David Waghmare

Chapter 7. Social Knowledge Management Using Communication Sites

In the previous chapter, we had an opportunity to look at how communication sites are useful in building and nurturing communities. These sites also create full-time collaborative experiences for each community member. With underlying communication sites, the sustenance and development of different communities has become possible, all to achieve the company’s goals. In this chapter, we focus on one of the specific aspects of community building—knowledge. A community must have access to knowledge in order to further its development. Knowledge management is a key principle that communities can use to harvest knowledge, reuse it, and create new knowledge for the growth of the community.
Charles David Waghmare

Chapter 8. Create New Horizons of Digital Communication

So, far we have seen that the SharePoint Online’s communication sites are multipurpose. We have seen that communication sites can be used for building digital intranets, managing knowledge and information, developing internal websites for different departments, and creating collaborative experiences by integrating with Office 365 products such as Yammer, Outlook, teams, Stream, and OneDrive. We have come to the last chapter now and in this, we will go one step further and describe the news of communication using SharePoint communication sites. Initially, we highlight traditional ways of communicating and see how SharePoint communication transforms traditional communication into digital with its ease of use. It allows you to create new horizons of digital communication.
Charles David Waghmare


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