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Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy

Focusing on Technology Research, Innovation, Demonstration, Insights and Policy Issues for Sustainable Technologies

Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy OnlineFirst articles

14.08.2017 | Original Paper

Optimal site selection for solar power plants using multi-criteria evaluation: A case study from the Ayranci region in Karaman, Turkey

Currently, coal, oil and natural gas are mainly used for energy in most countries. These sources, called fossil fuels, are not renewable. Fossil fuels are limited, and their reserves are steadily decreasing. This situation causes the prices to …

14.08.2017 | Original Paper

Optimization of IGCC gasification unit based on the novel simplified equilibrium model

The increasing pollutant emissions due to the development of science and technology creates tough challenges for the whole world. As one of the main causes, the utilization of solid fuels, like coal and biomass, has attracted the attentions of …

14.08.2017 | Original Paper

The impact of industrial agglomeration on industrial pollutant emission: evidence from China under New Normal

The purpose of this study is to analyze the environmental pollution effects elicited by industrial agglomeration and to devise necessary changes before and after China going into the New Normal, a contemporary phase of less rapid but more …

03.08.2017 | Original Paper

Energy, exergy, environment and economic analyses and optimization of two-stage absorption–compression combined refrigeration system

In the present paper, integration of a two-stage absorption refrigeration system with a compression refrigeration system is proposed for utilizing low-temperature heat and reducing electric energy consumption. The proposed system is analyzed and …

31.07.2017 | Original Paper

Combined pinch and exergy analysis of an ethylene oxide production process to boost energy efficiency toward environmental sustainability

Ethylene oxide production process is one of the highest energy consumers in chemical industry, and therefore even a slight improvement in its overall efficiency can have a significant impact on the sustainability of the process. Efficiency …

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Über diese Zeitschrift

This journal publishes papers that aid in the development, demonstration, and commercialization of cleaner products and processes as well as effective environmental policy strategies. As its title suggests, the journal has two major thrusts: Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy.

The Clean Technology thrust addresses the science and engineering of clean technologies. Moreover, it examines mathematical and computer-based methods and models for designing, analyzing, and measuring the cleanliness of products and processes. The Environmental Policy thrust covers research advances in scientific, social, behavioral, and economics disciplines that are relevant to complex environmental policy issues.

In addition to research papers, the journal offers policy-oriented commentaries from world renowned leaders in environmental technology and policy research. It also features special issues focusing on topics of international concern.

Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy will present the following yearly awards as nominated by the Review board:
1. Best Paper award - The recipient will be awarded a plaque and a onetime monetary prize of
EUR 1000. In the case that the recognized paper has multiple authors, each author will receive a plaque while the prize of EUR 1000 will be shared equally among them.
2. Outstanding Paper award - The recipient(s) will be awarded a plaque.
Members of the editorial board who are nominated for the best paper award will not receive any monetary compensation.

NEW - Brief Reports
A desirable means of reporting innovative methods, tools, processes, and theoretical treatments on aspects of clean technologies or sustainability. This section is being offered for faster publication of newer developments. For more information and details please see the instructions for authors in the right menu.

NOTE: Change in Instructions for Authors:
Do not email submissions directly to the Editors-in-Chief. Only those papers that are submitted via the Editorial Manager system (see Submit online button in the right menu) will be considered for review. Original research articles are 10 pages long including all references, tables, figures, and figure legends - 3 submitted pages (double spaced, font size 12) corresponds to 1 printed page consisting of about 800 words - approximately 2 to 3 illustrations (dependent on size) including their legends corresponds to 1 printed page - approximately 45 references corresponds to 1 printed page.

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