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Cluster Computing

The Journal of Networks, Software Tools and Applications

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Online multi-job mapping for photonic network on a chip design using partial migrations

In this paper, we propose a chain of online multi-job mapping for Photonic Network-on-Chip (PNoC) design to increase bandwidth and decrease power consumption for overcoming the challenges of electrical Network on Chip. The chain contains limited …


Fog computing and Internet of Things in one building block: a survey and an overview of interacting technologies

The rapid proliferation and progress of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and Internet of Things (IoT) has conducted to the formation of a gigantic amount of data and a growing need to multiple new services and resources. In spite of the main role of …


Dynamic provisioning with structure inspired selection and limitation of VMs based cost-time efficient workflow scheduling in the cloud

Workflow scheduling in cloud computing environments is nowadays a hot topic as scientific workflows application are gradually taking advantage of commercial cloud assets. Common users’ quality of service (QoS) requirements are the respect of …


The importance of nature-inspired meta-heuristic algorithms for solving virtual machine consolidation problem in cloud environments

Nowadays, cloud computing is known as an internet-based modern area among emerging technologies that brings up an environment, in which computing resources such as hardware, software, storage, etc. can be rented by cloud users based on a pay per …


Task scheduling of cloud computing based on hybrid particle swarm algorithm and genetic algorithm

Task scheduling in cloud environment is a hot topic in current research. Effective scheduling of massive tasks submitted by users in cloud environment is of great practical significance for increasing the core competitiveness of companies and …

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Cluster Computing addresses the latest results in these fields that support High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC). In HPDC environments, parallel and/or distributed computing techniques are applied to the solution of computationally intensive applications across networks of computers. The journal represents an important source of information for the growing number of researchers, developers and users of HPDC environments.

Cluster Computing: the Journal of Networks, Software Tools and Applications provides a forum for presenting the latest research and technology in the fields of parallel processing, distributed computing systems and computer networks.

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