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Cluster Computing

The Journal of Networks, Software Tools and Applications

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SDN-based server clusters with dynamic load balancing and performance improvement

Software-defined networking (SDN) is a state-of-the-art architectural approach to network management that allows more flexible management of a complicated large-scale network. For providing services with high performance, availability, and …


A Spark-based differential evolution with grouping topology model for large-scale global optimization

Over the past few years, cloud computing model (e.g., Spark) has aroused huge attention. Differential evolution (DE) has been applied to cloud computing models by a number of researchers for its merits in solving large-scale global optimization …


E-MHMS: enhanced MAC-based secure delay-aware healthcare monitoring system in WBAN

Chronic patients are adapting to an emerging healthcare system assisted by the wireless body area network (WBAN). Medical data are not normal at all times; hence, the preference for critical data is expected to be high, and the requirement of …


SNORT based early DDoS detection system using Opendaylight and open networking operating system in software defined networking

Software-defined networking (SDN) is an approach in the network that provides many advantages with the help of separating the intelligence of the network (controller) with the underlying network infrastructure (data plane). But this isolation also …


Intrusion detection and performance simulation based on improved sequential pattern mining algorithm

Traditional network intrusion detection algorithm is based on pattern matching, which has made great progress in network intrusion detection system, but the efficiency of this algorithm for data packet matching is quite low. With the rapid …

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Cluster Computing addresses the latest results in these fields that support High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC). In HPDC environments, parallel and/or distributed computing techniques are applied to the solution of computationally intensive applications across networks of computers. The journal represents an important source of information for the growing number of researchers, developers and users of HPDC environments.

Cluster Computing: the Journal of Networks, Software Tools and Applications provides a forum for presenting the latest research and technology in the fields of parallel processing, distributed computing systems and computer networks.

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