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Da’wa and politics: lived experiences of the female Islamists in Indonesia

Stories about women activism in the Tarbiyah movement in Indonesia has gained scholarly attention. The existing literatures, however, tend to focus on the official discourses. This article discusses female members’ everyday experiences within the …

02.07.2019 Open Access

Review of Nur Amali Ibrahim, Improvisational Islam: Indonesian Youth in a Time of Possibility.

Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2018, 210 pp. ISBN 1501727850


Common sense is not so common: integration and perceptions of ‘traditional Islam’ in Russia’s Volga-Ural region

To what extent does the official state rhetoric about ‘traditional Islam’ reflect the lay understanding of the concept by practicing Muslims in Russia’s Volga-Ural region? Research and commentaries on contemporary Islam in Russia show that …

08.06.2019 Open Access

Living a piety-led life beyond Muharram: becoming or being a South Asian Shia Muslim in the UK

Reformist British South Asian Twelver Shia Muslims emphasise practising Shia Islam in daily life beyond the month of Muharram by living a piety-led life; they encourage their followers to ‘become’ a Shia Muslim rather than just ‘being’ one. The …


Review of Julie McBrien, From Belonging to Belief: Modern Secularisms and the Construction of Religion in Kyrgyzstan.

Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2017, xiii +232 pp. ISBN 0–8229–6508-9

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