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Digitalizing Islamic lectures: Islamic apps and religious engagement in contemporary Indonesia

Contemporary mobile phone technology has brought millions of apps into the pockets of users, including a wide variety oriented towards religious concerns. Such apps appear to be creating new forms of religious engagement, a process that is …

24.09.2018 Open Access

“Sovereign” Islam and Tatar “Aqīdah”: normative religious narratives and grassroots criticism amongst Tatarstan’s Muslims

“Traditional Islam” has emerged in the post-Soviet Republic of Tatarstan (Russian Federation) as a powerful if contentious discursive trope. In this paper, I look at traditional Islam and its conceptual twin, “non-traditional Islam”, as normative …


Integration, class and secularism: the marginalization of Shia identities in the UK Iranian diaspora

Despite ongoing debates about the nature and role of multiculturalism in the UK, the idea of integration remains significant in British immigration policies and community relations, and it orients itself towards second and third-generation …


Fragmented realities: the ‘sectarianisation’ of space among Iraqi Shias in London

How do the spaces we inhabit shape our lived experiences? And how do those lived experiences in turn come to shape and influence our political subjectivity? Such questions are rendered all the more important in studies of migrant or diaspora …


Reviving “A forgotten Sunna:” Hijamah (cupping therapy), prophetic medicine, and the re-Islamization of Unani medicine in contemporary India

Officially recognized as an Indigenous System of Medicine in India, Unani has been intimately connected to Muslim culture in South Asia. However, this connection has been downplayed by the government of India, which stressed the secular character …

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Best Practices zu agiler Qualität

Eine der wichtigsten Erkenntnisse der letzten Jahre aus agilen Kundenprojekten ist, dass die meisten agil arbeitenden Projekte entwicklergetrieben sind und deshalb leider meistens die Test- und QS/QM-Themen zu kurz zu kommen drohen. So gibt es immer noch Scrum-Befürworter, die ernsthaft der Meinung sind, dass es in agilen Projekten nur noch zwei Arten von Tests gibt: Unittests (durch die Entwickler) und Akzeptanztests (durch den Product Owner). Das ist ein sehr einfaches und bequemes Bild, vor allem aber ist es zu einfach und vielen Produktrisiken schlichtweg nicht angemessen. Jetzt gratis downloaden!