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Non-compassionate care: a view from an Islamic charity organization

Drawing on fieldwork at a large charity organization in Cairo, this article describes a bureaucratized Islamic ethics of care. Founded in 1975, the Mustafa Mahmoud Association today offers free and discounted medical services, funds …


“Some kind of family”: Hijra between people and places

This article follows one woman’s serial migration to, away from, and back to Dubai in order to consider the intersections of migration, subjectivity, and piety. It analyzes how Hanna’s migratory journey, or hijra, relates to her desire to become …

05.01.2021 Open Access

Care in practice: negotiations regarding care for the elderly in multigenerational Arab Muslim families in Denmark

Recent studies conclude that ethnic minority families in Denmark tend to be dismissive of senior housing and municipal homecare services for elderly family members. A large proportion of Muslim minority families in Denmark attach great importance …


Emergent fatherhood: new articulations of fatherhood among Muslim men in Denmark

This article explores how new practices and articulations of fatherhood are emerging among Muslim men in Denmark. With an explicit focus on care as both practice and ideal, the article accounts for the emergence of new forms of fatherly …


Contagious heartaches: relational selfhood and queer care in Amman, Jordan

This article studies the relationship between care, family connectivity and queer selfhood in a Muslim-majority context. Based on fieldwork in Amman, Jordan, the article explores how queer people find themselves in demanding circumstances figuring …

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