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16.11.2017 | Driver Assistance Systems | News | Onlineartikel

Continental’s New Head-Up Display Uses DMD Technology

Patrick Schäfer

Continental’s head-up display with digital micromirror device (DMD) technology is said to be the brightest and largest of its kind. It is going into production into two models from Lincoln (Ford). 

DMD will be used for the first time on a head-up display and will replace the TFT (thin film transistor) technology used to date. Using mirror optics and a picture generating unit (PGU), graphical elements are generated in the same way as digital cinema projectors. Due to an intermediate screen, sequential colour management and a lens-based optical path, the image is expected to be brighter and sharper than with conventional head-up displays, allowing the display to be seen clearly even with polarised sunglasses.

"Our solution closes the gap between the classic head-up display and augmented reality head-up displays and provides a better image with a larger display area", says Dr. Frank Rabe, head of the Instrumentation & Driver HMI business unit at Continental. The larger display area enables more information to be shown, and hence allows redundancy between the head-up display and cluster to be reduced in Lincoln models. 

The new head-up display was first integrated into the Lincoln Continental this year and will also be available in the Lincoln Navigator from 2018. DMD technology underpins augmented reality head-up displays at Continental.

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