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Empirical Economics

Empirical Economics 2/2005

Ausgabe 2/2005

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 16 Artikel )

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

Institutions and economic development: How strong is the relation?

Tiago V. de V. Cavalcanti, Álvaro A. Novo

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

The forecasting ability of a cointegrated VAR system of the UK tourism demand for France, Spain and Portugal

Maria M. De Mello, Kevin S. Nell

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

The predictive value of subjective labour supply data: A partial-adjustment model with measurement error

Rob Euwals

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

A framework for the decomposition of poverty differences with an application to poverty differences between countries

Martin Biewen, Stephen P. Jenkins

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

A survival analysis of de novo co-operative credit banks

Paola Maggiolini, Paolo Emilio Mistrulli

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

Dynamic and stochastic structures in tourism demand modeling

Jonas Nordström

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

The contribution of institutions, trade, and geography to the development process: How robust is the empirical evidence to variations in the sample?

Shawn D. Knabb

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

Bounded dividends, earnings and fundamental stock values

G. C. Lim

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

What’s spurious, what’s real? Measuring the productivity impacts of ICT at the firm-level

Thomas Hempell

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

A test of Hotelling’s Valuation Principle for nonrenewable resources

Joseph G. Eisenhauer

01.09.2005 | Comment | Ausgabe 2/2005

Rejecting the Hotelling Valuation Principle

Robert D. Cairns, Graham A. Davis

01.09.2005 | Rejoinder | Ausgabe 2/2005

Retaining the Hotelling Valuation Principle

Joseph G. Eisenhauer

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

The real exchange rate and the black market exchange rate in developing countries

Khalifa Hassanain

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

Effects of government expenditure on private investment: Canadian empirical evidence

Baotai Wang

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

Public-private sector wage differentials in Germany: Evidence from quantile regression

Blaise Melly

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

Item non-response on income and wealth questions

Regina T. Riphahn, Oliver Serfling

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