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Empirical Economics

Ausgabe 2/2024

Inhalt (15 Artikel)

Expropriation, money, and happiness: the impact of state theft in Russia

Steven B. Caudill, João Ricardo Faria, Franklin G. Mixon Jr., Elliott H. Young

Open Access

Inequality and growth in China

Haiyan Lin, Markus Brueckner

Inequality, growth fluctuations, and employment

Burcu Hacibedel, Pierre Mandon, Priscilla Muthoora, Nathalie Pouokam

Open Access

Estimating the effects of Syrian civil war

Aleksandar Kešeljević, Rok Spruk

Open Access

Risk preference and entrepreneurial investment at the top of the wealth distribution

Frank M. Fossen, Johannes König, Carsten Schröder

Covid-19 and education: a study with undergraduate students

Thiago Christiano Silva, Tito Belchior Silva Moreira, Jeferson Trindade Santana

Open Access

The three co’s to jointly model commodity markets: co-production, co-consumption and co-trading

Amelie Schischke, Patric Papenfuß, Andreas Rathgeber

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