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Evolutionary Intelligence

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05.12.2018 | Special Issue

Software fault classification using extreme learning machine: a cognitive approach

The software fault classification is very crucial in the development of reliable and high-quality software products. The fault classification allows determining and concentrating on fault software modules for early prediction of fault in time. As …

05.12.2018 | Special Issue

An image segmentation method using logarithmic kbest gravitational search algorithm based superpixel clustering

Image segmentation partitions an image into coherent and non-overlapping regions. Due to variations of visual patterns in images, it is a challenging problem. This paper introduces a new superpixel-based clustering method to efficiently perform …

04.12.2018 | Special Issue

Research on cloud computing in the resource sharing system of university library services

As a combination of technology and application, cloud technology brings new opportunities for library data storage. Cloud computing in the resource sharing system of library service area has first proposed the cloud library platform to achieve …

03.12.2018 | Research Paper

Optimized regularized linear discriminant analysis for feature extraction in face recognition

In a reduced dimensional space, linear discriminant analysis looks for a projective transformation that can maximizes separability among classes. Since linear discriminant analysis demands the within-class scatter matrix appear to non-singular …

03.12.2018 | Special Issue

FPGA logic design method based on multi resolution image real time acquisition system

Medical imaging techniques are mostly generated by human tissue echoes and received by the transducer which is converted to electrical signals, after amplification, extraction, processing, and then signals are converted by the digital scan …

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Evolutionary Intelligence is the place to discover advances in the field of evolutionary intelligence. The journal is devoted to the timely publication and dissemination of both the theoretical and practical aspects of population-based searches for artificial intelligence.

Among the techniques covered are rule-based systems, artificial neural networks, fuzzy systems, Bayesian and statistical approaches, artificial immune systems, and hybrid systems combining evolutionary computation with other artificial intelligence techniques.

A partial list of topics includes memory, vision, planning, knowledge representation and construction, robotics, neuroscience, language, development and learning, and cognitive science. Readers will also find papers describing applications in such areas as data mining, adaptive control, medical and bioinformatics, games and multi-media, agent-based computing and modeling, complex systems, and chemical and biological systems.

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