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Formal Aspects of Computing

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10.08.2018 | Original Article

A UTP approach for rTiMo

rTiMo is a real-time version of TiMo (Timed Mobility), which is a process algebra for mobile distributed systems. In this paper, we investigate the denotational semantics for rTiMo. A trace variable tr is introduced to record the communications …

07.08.2018 | Original Article

Toward automatic verification of quantum programs

This paper summarises the results obtained by the author and his collaborators in a program logic approach to the verification of quantum programs, including quantum Hoare logic, invariant generation and termination analysis for quantum programs.

06.08.2018 | Original Article

A synchronous program algebra: a basis for reasoning about shared-memory and event-based concurrency

In this paper we introduce an abstract algebra for reasoning about concurrent programs, that includes an abstract algebra of atomic steps, with sub-algebras of program and environment steps, and an abstract synchronisation operator. We show how …

02.08.2018 | Book Review

Daniel Kroening and Ofer Strichman: Decision procedures

Springer Verlag, 2016, XXI,+356 ISBN 978-3-662-50496-3 (Hardback, €69,67),

24.07.2018 | Original Article

Code obfuscation against abstraction refinement attacks

Code protection technologies require anti reverse engineering transformations to obfuscate programs in such a way that tools and methods for program analysis become ineffective. We introduce the concept of model deformation inducing an effective …

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This journal aims to publish contributions at the junction of theory and practice. The objective is to disseminate applicable research. Thus new theoretical contributions are welcome where they are motivated by potential application; applications of existing formalisms are of interest if they show something novel about the approach or application.

The term "formal methods" has been applied to a range of notations, theories and tools. There is no doubt that some of these have already had a significant impact on practical applications of computing. Indeed, it is interesting to note that once something is adopted into practical use it is no longer thought of as a formal method. Apart from widely used notations such as those for syntax and state machines, there have been significant applications of specification notations, development methods and tools both for proving general results and for searching for specific conditions. However, the most profound and lasting influence of the formal approach is the way it has illuminated fundamental concepts like those of communication.

In this spirit, the principal aim of this journal is to promote the growth of computing science, to show its relation to practice and to stimulate applications of apposite formalisms to practical problems. One significant challenge is to show how a range of formal models can be related to each other.

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Product Lifecycle Management im Konzernumfeld – Herausforderungen, Lösungsansätze und Handlungsempfehlungen

Für produzierende Unternehmen hat sich Product Lifecycle Management in den letzten Jahrzehnten in wachsendem Maße zu einem strategisch wichtigen Ansatz entwickelt. Forciert durch steigende Effektivitäts- und Effizienzanforderungen stellen viele Unternehmen ihre Product Lifecycle Management-Prozesse und -Informationssysteme auf den Prüfstand. Der vorliegende Beitrag beschreibt entlang eines etablierten Analyseframeworks Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze im Product Lifecycle Management im Konzernumfeld.
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