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Health and Technology

jointly published by Springer and the IUPESM in cooperation with the World Health Organization


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14.09.2022 | Original Paper

Integration of artificial intelligence into nursing practice

Artificial intelligence (AI) works by developing computer systems that can usually perform tasks done by humans. Different methods of AI exist, i.e. Machine learning (ML) is a branch of AI that comprises teaching algorithms to complete tasks using …

07.09.2022 | Original Paper

Brain tumor detection using deep ensemble model with wavelet features

The healthy activities of a human being dependent upon the condition of the brain. The brain is responsible for any kind of activity of a person. If a small abnormality is developed in the brain it will affect the person badly whether other organs …

Über diese Zeitschrift

The journal constitutes an information platform connecting medical technology and informatics with the needs of care, health care professionals and patients. Thus, medical physicists and biomedical/clinical engineers are encouraged to write articles not only for their colleagues, but directed to all other groups of readers as well, and vice versa. By its nature, the journal presents and discusses hot subjects including but not limited to patient safety, patient empowerment, disease surveillance and management, e-health and issues concerning data security, privacy, reliability and management, data mining and knowledge exchange as well as health prevention. The journal also addresses the medical, financial, social, educational and safety aspects of health technologies as well as health technology assessment and management, including issues such security, efficacy, cost in comparison to the benefit, as well as social, legal and ethical implications. This journal is a communicative source for the health work force (physicians, nurses, medical physicists, clinical engineers, biomedical engineers, hospital engineers, etc.), the ministries of health, hospital management, self-employed doctors, health care providers and regulatory agencies, the medical technology industry, patients' associations, universities (biomedical and clinical engineering, medical physics, medical informatics, biology, medicine and public health as well as health economics programs), research institutes and professional, scientific and technical organizations. Health and Technology is jointly published by Springer and the IUPESM (International Union for Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine) in cooperation with the World Health Organization.

Health and Technology
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