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10.05.2018 | Original Paper

Development of a CMOS-based optical computed tomography system (CMOS-OCT) for 3D radiotherapy dosimetry

Optical Computed Tomography (OCT) was developed as a 3D imaging system for measuring radiotherapy dose delivered to radiochromic dosimeters. The imaging system reconstructs dose distributions delivered to a radiochromic dosimeter such as PRESAGE …

10.05.2018 | Original Paper

850-nm-peak high-sensitivity near-infrared-ray computed tomography scanner in the living-body window

In the near-infrared-ray computed tomography (NIR-CT) scanner, NIR photons are produced from a light-emitting diode (LED) and detected using a visible-ray (VR) phototransistor (PT) and an infrared filter. The LED-peak wavelength is 850 nm in the …

07.05.2018 | Review Paper

The development method of bioremediation of hospital biomedical waste using hydrolytic bacteria

Issuance of regulations aiming at encouraging hospital business investment and health services has led to significantly increased number of hospitals in Indonesia including Central Java Province. Primary concern is greater amount of biomedical …

05.05.2018 | Original Paper

Dual-energy high-count-rate X-ray computed tomography scanner using a cerium-doped yttrium aluminum perovskite crystal and a small-photomultiplier tube

To obtain two kinds of tomograms at two different X-ray energy ranges simultaneously, we have constructed a dual-energy X-ray photon counter with a high-count-rate detector system, three comparators, two microcomputers, and two frequency-voltage …

05.05.2018 | Original Paper

Triple-energy high-count-rate X-ray computed tomography scanner using a cadmium telluride detector

To obtain three kinds of tomograms at three different X-ray energy ranges simultaneously, we have constructed a triple-energy (TE) X-ray photon counter with a cadmium telluride (CdTe) detector and three sets of comparators and microcomputers …

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Safety & Security – Erfolgsfaktoren von sensitiven Robotertechnologien

Forderungen von Industrie 4.0 nach vollständiger Vernetzung der Systeme geben der "Robotersicherheit" einen besonderen Stellenwert: Hierbei umfasst der deutsche Begriff Sicherheit die – im Englischen einerseits durch Safety umrissene physische Sicherheit – sowie andererseits die durch Security definierte informationstechnische Cyber-Sicherheit. Dieser Fachbeitrag aus der e&i beleuchtet eingehend die wesentlichen Aspekte von Safety und Security in der Robotik.
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