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Information Systems Frontiers

Information Systems Frontiers 1/2012

Ausgabe 1/2012

eHealth System Interoperability

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 8 Artikel )

01.03.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

eHealth system interoperability

Jens Weber-Jahnke, Liam Peyton, Thodoros Topaloglou

01.03.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Autonomous mapping of HL7 RIM and relational database schema

Shagufta Umer, Muhammad Afzal, Maqbool Hussain, Khalid Latif, Hafiz Farooq Ahmad

01.03.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Ski hill injuries and ghost charts: Socio-technical issues in achieving e-Health interoperability across jurisdictions

Ellen Balka, Sandra Whitehouse, Shannon T. Coates, Dug Andrusiek

01.03.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Authorization in cross-border eHealth systems

Daisy Daiqin He, Jian Yang, Michael Compton, Kerry Taylor

01.03.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

A mashup based framework for multi level healthcare interoperability

Payam Sadeghi, Morad Benyoucef, Craig E. Kuziemsky

01.03.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Interoperable support for collaborative, mobile, and accessible health care

Alain Mouttham, Craig Kuziemsky, Dishant Langayan, Liam Peyton, Jose Pereira

01.03.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Protecting privacy during peer-to-peer exchange of medical documents

Jens H. Weber-Jahnke, Christina Obry

01.03.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Knowledge-based clinical pathway for medical quality improvement

Hongqiao Yang, Weizi Li, Kecheng Liu, Junping Zhang

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