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Information Systems Frontiers

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Weakly Supervised and Online Learning of Word Models for Classification to Detect Disaster Reporting Tweets

Social media has quickly established itself as an important means that people, NGOs and governments use to spread information during natural or man-made disasters, mass emergencies and crisis situations. Given this important role, real-time …

19.02.2018 Open Access

Formal Model of Business Processes Integrated with Business Rules

Business Processes describe the ways in which operations are carried out in order to accomplish the intended objectives of organizations. A process can be depicted using a modeling notation, such as Business Process Model and Notation. Process …


A Novel Group Ownership Delegate Protocol for RFID Systems

In recent years, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) applications of various kinds have been blooming. However, along with the stunning advancement have come all sorts of security and privacy issues, for RFID tags oftentimes store private data …


The Impact of Emotion: A Blended Model to Estimate Influence on Social Media

The goal of this research is to devise a model of social influence with sentiment analysis and help organization discover real influential people on social media. This study takes into account the quality of post and sentiment ratio …


Comment on “A Conceptual Framework for Quality Healthcare Accessibility: a Scalable Approach for Big Data Technologies”

ᅟFloating Catchment Area (FCA) metrics incorporate the supply of health care resources, potential population demand for those resources, and the distance separating people and supply locations to characterize the spatial accessibility of health …

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Information Systems Frontiers examines new research and development at the interface of information systems (IS) and information technology (IT) from analytical, behavioral, and technological perspectives. It provides a common forum for both frontline industrial developments as well as pioneering academic research.

The journal’s multidisciplinary approach draws from such fields as computer science, telecommunications, operations research, economics, and cognitive sciences. Among the emerging areas covered are enterprise modeling and integration, object/web technologies, information economics, IT integrated manufacturing, medical informatics, digital libraries, mobile computing, and electronic commerce.

Both the Editorial Advisory Group and the Editorial Board feature outstanding individuals from academia and industry, ensuring that all the multiple frontiers in the IS/IT field are covered.

Officially cited as: Inf Syst Front

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Safety & Security – Erfolgsfaktoren von sensitiven Robotertechnologien

Forderungen von Industrie 4.0 nach vollständiger Vernetzung der Systeme geben der "Robotersicherheit" einen besonderen Stellenwert: Hierbei umfasst der deutsche Begriff Sicherheit die – im Englischen einerseits durch Safety umrissene physische Sicherheit – sowie andererseits die durch Security definierte informationstechnische Cyber-Sicherheit. Dieser Fachbeitrag aus der e&i beleuchtet eingehend die wesentlichen Aspekte von Safety und Security in der Robotik.
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