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Determinants of credit availability for high-tech start-ups

The availability of financial support for start-ups, especially high-tech start-ups, is an important factor in their growth. This paper studies the determinants of credit availability of high-tech enterprises in Taizhou, which are the epitome of …


The interplay of entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial internationalization: an illustrative case of an Italian SME

This study describes SME internationalization as a process that combines entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial behaviour. We bring in insights from prior literature and use an illustrative case study of an Italian SME to demonstrate the …


Effects of ownership structure and corporate and family governance on dynamic capabilities in family firms

By combining the resource-and capabilities-based view and agency theory, this paper offers a framework within which to examine the nature of dynamic capabilities in family firms, and how they are affected by the ownership, governance and …


Knowledge transfers from federally supported R&D

The purpose of this paper is to identify covariates with publication activity, a form of knowledge transfer, from SBIR publicly funded research. The paper offers an argument about the policy relevance of studying knowledge transfers from publicly …


The effect of competitive intensity on the relationship between strategic entrepreneurship and organizational results

Although the field of strategic entrepreneurship has received much attention in recent years, the relationship of strategic entrepreneurship to context is fundamental to understanding the conditions under which strategic entrepreneurship is most …

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The International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal (IEMJ) provides a venue for high quality manuscripts dealing with entrepreneurship in its broadest sense and the management of entrepreneurial organizations. The editorial board encourages manuscripts that are international in scope; however, readers can also find papers investigating domestic issues with global relevance.

IEMJ is dedicated to investigating entrepreneurship across a broad spectrum of organizations, from new ventures to family-owned businesses to large corporations. Manuscripts accepted for publication have important implications for business practice. Papers that focus on basic research, for example, often highlight the potential impact the authors’ findings may have on business.

A sample of journal topics includes entrepreneurship and its relation to management and strategy; interfaces between entrepreneurship and technological innovation; and the impact of public policy on entrepreneurial ventures.

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