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Behavioral agency and corporate entrepreneurship: CEO equity incentives & competitive behavior

Scholars have long studied drivers of entrepreneurial behavior among established firms. Yet little is known about how individual factors shape a firm’s choice to pursue entrepreneurship. We draw on behavioral agency theory to explore the role of …


Exploring the role of original aspiration in effectuation tendency

In this research, we tackle a critical yet less explored factor that affects entrepreneurs’ effectuation logic, the original aspiration, which refers to the entrepreneur’s initial and most dominant aspiration in the venture-creation process. Based …


Exploring the determinants of digital entrepreneurship using fuzzy cognitive maps

In an increasingly digital world, almost anything can now be done through a computer or smartphone. Digital entrepreneurship is capitalizing on this trend, which brings numerous advantages to firms and society at large. However, the determinants …


What determines academic entrepreneurship success? A social identity perspective

Universities and institutes are increasingly recognized as important sources in national innovation systems. As such, an increasing number of academics are participating in entrepreneurial and other commercial activities, and the topic of academic …


Leveraging sport mega events for international entrepreneurship

Can sport mega events (SMEs) incite entrepreneurial rent-making in nations that host them? The manuscript investigates this question using frameworks in sport event leverage and sport-based entrepreneurship as a foundation. Results from a sample …

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The International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal (IEMJ) provides a venue for high quality manuscripts dealing with entrepreneurship in its broadest sense and the management of entrepreneurial organizations. The editorial board encourages manuscripts that are international in scope; however, readers can also find papers investigating domestic issues with global relevance.

IEMJ is dedicated to investigating entrepreneurship across a broad spectrum of organizations, from new ventures to family-owned businesses to large corporations. Manuscripts accepted for publication have important implications for business practice. Papers that focus on basic research, for example, often highlight the potential impact the authors’ findings may have on business.

A sample of journal topics includes entrepreneurship and its relation to management and strategy; interfaces between entrepreneurship and technological innovation; and the impact of public policy on entrepreneurial ventures.

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