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International Journal of Steel Structures

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Failure Analysis of a Cruciform-Leg Transmission Line Tower

Design of latticed steel power transmission towers is a challenging task, which involves lengthy modeling and detailing of significant amount of steel members and connections. The tower is analyzed and designed as a space truss and various members …


New Elastoplastic Analysis of Two-Dimensional Frames When Some Plastic Hinges Unload Elastically

Two-dimensional frames are made of elastic and perfectly plastic materials. Frames are analized by using the step by step elastoplastic analysis method where the applied loads are gradually increased at each step until a plastic hinge is …


Design of Prestressed W-Shape Beams with a Separated Prestressing Cover Plate

Prestressed steel beams with a prestressing cover plate (PBCP), which are expected to overcome the limitations of prestressed steel girders using tendons, were investigated in this study. Experiments and finite element analyses (FEA) were …


An Experimental Study on Bolt Looseness Monitoring Using Low-Cost Transfer Impedance Technique

A technique to detect the bolt looseness in steel frame using the transfer impedance technique, which is a dual piezoelectric material technique, for bolted joint structural health monitoring is experimentally studied. An expensive impedance …


Cold-Formed Steel Lipped Channel Section Columns Undergoing Local-Overall Buckling Interaction

This paper presents an experimental and finite element (FE) investigation into the local-overall buckling interaction behaviour of axially loaded cold-formed steel (CFS) channel section columns. Current design guidelines from the American Iron and …

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The International Journal of Steel Structures provides an international forum for a broad classification of technical papers in steel structural research and its applications. The journal aims to reach not only researchers, but also practicing engineers. Coverage encompasses such topics as stability, fatigue, non-linear behavior, dynamics, reliability, fire, design codes, computer-aided analysis and design, optimization, expert systems, connections, fabrications, maintenance, bridges, off-shore structures, jetties, stadiums, transmission towers, marine vessels, storage tanks, pressure vessels, aerospace, and pipelines and more.

International Journal of Steel Structures is the official journal of the Korean Society of Steel Construction (KSSC).

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