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International Journal of Steel Structures

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Effective Notch Stress Approach-Based Fatigue Evaluation of Rib-to-Deck Welds Including Pavement Surfacing Effects

The effective notch stress-based fatigue evaluation approach considering the effect of pavement surfacing is developed and verified in this research. Firstly, the sensitivity of stresses at fatigable welds to pavement surfacing was investigated.


Improved Method for Shape Finding of Long-Span Suspension Bridges

In recent years, many long-span suspension bridges have been constructed and the shape finding is a key issue in the design stage. This paper presents an improved shape-finding method which can overcome the shortcomings of the previous …


Numerical Study and Multi-objective Optimization of an Energy Absorbing Connector with Curved Plate and Aluminum Foam

This paper presents numerical works and multi-objective optimization of the energy absorbing connectors which was employed to dissipate blast/impact energy through curved plates and aluminum foam. Finite element models of the energy absorbing …


Improved Analytical Method to Investigate the Dynamic Characteristics of Composite Box Beam with Corrugated Webs

This study establishes an improved analytical method (IAM) to investigate the dynamic characteristics of composite box beam with corrugated webs (CBBCW), and the IAM has comprehensively considered the effects of several factors, such as the shear …

20.09.2019 Open Access

Petrochemical Steel Pipe Rack: Critical Assessment of Existing Design Code Provisions and a Case Study

The investigation of the seismic integrity of petrochemical plant steel structures should be commensurable to their importance given the high necessity for human life safety and financial robustness. To date, it is demonstrated in the existing …

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The International Journal of Steel Structures provides an international forum for a broad classification of technical papers in steel structural research and its applications. The journal aims to reach not only researchers, but also practicing engineers. Coverage encompasses such topics as stability, fatigue, non-linear behavior, dynamics, reliability, fire, design codes, computer-aided analysis and design, optimization, expert systems, connections, fabrications, maintenance, bridges, off-shore structures, jetties, stadiums, transmission towers, marine vessels, storage tanks, pressure vessels, aerospace, and pipelines and more.

International Journal of Steel Structures is the official journal of the Korean Society of Steel Construction (KSSC).

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