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2013 | Buch | 2. Auflage

Investor Relations

Principles and International Best Practices in Financial Communications

verfasst von: Anne Guimard

Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan UK


Über dieses Buch

This practical guide on the theory and practice of Investor Relations combines the art and science of marketing, financial analysis, and financial communications in a single source. It offers expert advice and helpful tips to be used in real business life by corporate executives, financial analysts, students, and anyone competing for capital.


1. Competing for Capital
Bringing in new shareholders, getting listed—or going public, as it is also called—or issuing new securities implies competing against hundreds or even thousands of companies all looking for partners to finance their development. These companies are often referred to as “the issuers.” They may be from the same sector or come from entirely different economic areas. They may be of comparable size, larger or smaller. And they may be active in their own country or run global operations.
Anne Guimard
2. Seven Keys to Successful Investor Relations
In order to use Investor Relations effectively as a competitive differentiator on financial markets, a specific mindset needs to be adopted by the company. It is going to be a combination of the following:
  • Clearly defined goals;
  • Management’s commitment;
  • Organizational efficiency;
  • Quality information systems;
  • Understanding of and compliance with legal obligations;
  • Ability to anticipate future changes in financial communications
Applying each of the principles listed above, with an integrated vision shared by the entire executive team, is going to be mission critical in achieving best-practice Investor Relations in a measurable way.
Anne Guimard
3. Implementing Best Practices in Investor Relations
Whether your organization is planning an initial public offering (IPO), a secondary offering, a bond issue, or you are an entrepreneur looking for venture capital to finance your growth, Investor Relations is a tool to be leveraged and a process to be mastered by anyone competing for capital.
Anne Guimard
4. Measuring the Value of Investor Relations
Yes, Investor Relations can and should be measured, and the payoff of a strategic Investor Relations program demonstrated.
Anne Guimard
5. Conclusion
The dynamic and complex nature of the capital markets may challenge management to isolate the impact of effective Investor Relations and corporate communications from broader market forces. In addition, there is the deeply rooted belief that results will “speak for themselves” and that Investor Relations are costs that can easily be done without.
Anne Guimard
6. Resources
Anne Guimard
Investor Relations
verfasst von
Anne Guimard
Palgrave Macmillan UK
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