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Journal of African American Studies 1/2022
Journal of African American Studies

Ausgabe 1/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

25.10.2021 | EDITORIAL

Honorary Membership in the Life of Black Greekdom
Judson L. Jeffries

31.01.2022 | ARTICLES

Affective Orientation and School Persistence Among African American Youth: Implications for Afrocentric Youth Research and Practice
Husain Lateef, Lauara Brugger, Donte Boyd, Adrian Gale, Ed-Dee Williams

02.02.2022 | ARTICLES

“People Think It’s Easy Because I Smile, But It’s Not Easy”: The Lived Experiences of Six African American Single Mothers
Shaniqua J. Bradley, Sara E.Goldstein

07.02.2022 | ARTICLES

Reimagining Black Womanhood: Frances E. W. Harper’s “New Negro Woman”
Ayesha Siddiqa

23.02.2022 | ARTICLES

“Crusade” for African American Civil Rights: Female Rhetoric and Autobiography of Ida B. Wells
Nitesh Narnolia, Naresh Kumar

09.03.2022 | ARTICLES

Power to the People: Using Black English and Rap to Empower Students
David L. Sandles

15.03.2022 | ARTICLES

I Need a Distinction Between the Good in Me and the Not as Good in Me: Black Adolescent Girls’ Binary Use of Instagram and Its Impact on Identity Expression
Lydia Williams

15.03.2022 | ARTICLES

The Struggle for Survival in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century African American Women’s Autobiography: Black Women’s Narrative of Incarceration and Freedom
NaTosha Briscoe

24.12.2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Moore, Leonard N. (2021): Teaching Black History to White People
Austin, Texas: University of Texas Press (ISBN 9781477324851), $19.95 paperback, 184 pages
Zoe M. Van Gyseghem

28.01.2022 | BOOK REVIEW

Gates Jr., Henry L. (2021) The Black Church: This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song
New York: Penguin Press. ISBN 9781984880345. pp. 304
Julius McIntyre

31.01.2022 | BOOK REVIEW

Hinton, Elizabeth. (2021). America on Fire: The Untold History of Police Violence and Black Rebellion Since the 1960s
New York, NY: Liveright Publishing Corporation, a Division of W. W. Norton & Company. ISBN 9781613498909. pp. 408. Hardback
Abigail Kuhn

10.02.2022 | BOOK REVIEW

Bradley, Stefan. (2021). Upending the Ivory Tower: Civil Rights, Black Power, and the Ivy Leagues
New York: NYU Press. ISBN 9781479873999. Pp. 579. Hardback
Kevion White

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