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30.09.2017 | Original Paper

Diversification and organizational environment: the effect of resource scarcity and complexity on the valuation of multi-segment firms

In this study, we examine the effect of corporate diversification on firm valuation and the extent to which resource scarcity and complexity of the organizational environment moderate this relationship. Analyzing a dataset of 4437 North American …

27.09.2017 | Original Paper

You get what you ‘pay’ for: academic attention, career incentives and changes in publication portfolios of business and economics researchers

Since the 1990s, research on publication outputs in business and economics has almost exclusively focused on journal articles. While earlier work has shown that journal articles and other publications were indeed complements in the 70s and 80s, we …

13.09.2017 | Editorial


07.09.2017 | Original Paper

The impact of sporting success on student enrollment

In recent years, universities increasingly had to compete for talented students. Besides running other marketing activities, universities began to cooperate with local professional soccer clubs. However, there is missing evidence on the positive …

09.08.2017 | Original Paper

Resistance against corporate misconduct: an analysis of ethical ideologies’ direct and moderating effects on different forms of active rebellion

Consumer resistance against corporate wrongdoing is of growing relevance for business research, as well as for firms and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Considering Fournier’s (NA—advances in consumer research, vol 25, Association for …

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From January 2013, the Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft (ZfB) is published in English under the title Journal of Business Economics (JBE).

The Journal of Business Economics (JBE) aims at encouraging theoretical and applied research in the field of business economics and business administration, promoting the exchange of ideas between science and practice. In addition to original theoretical and empirical work, excellent state of the art contributions will also be considered.

The Journal of Business Economics was founded by renowned professors of business economics in 1924 in Germany under the name Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft (ZfB) and has since established itself as one of the leading academic journals for business and management. The double-blind refereed journal is edited by 11 Department Editors, and its Editorial Board members are from Europe, Japan, and the USA.

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Soll man die IT-Infrastruktur in die Cloud auslagern?

Dieser Fachbeitrag aus der Wirtschaftsinformatik und Management fokussiert sich auf die Infrastruktur aus der Cloud (IaaS) unter dem besonderen Aspekt des IT-Finanzmanagements. Man kann dies auch als die Betriebswirtschaft für die IT bezeichnen. Inklusive Praxisbeispiel.
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