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12.05.2017 | Original Paper

The influence of psychopathic traits on the acceptance of white-collar crime: do corporate psychopaths cook the books and misuse the news?

Due to several empirical shortcomings in the research of personality characteristics in ethical decision making, we address in this paper the concept of corporate psychopathy in the organizational context. Corporate psychopaths are individuals …

20.04.2017 | Original Paper

The neglected mediating role of self-efficacy in the goal setting process in local public administrations

To analyse the role of self-efficacy in goal setting in public administrations, this study combines goal-setting theory, public service motivation literature and cognitive theory. Using partial least squares structural equation modelling …

03.04.2017 | Original Paper

Voluntary agreements between competitors: trick or truth?

Voluntary agreements in which competitors commit to common goals are important tools for corporate social responsibility. After entering into a commitment, however, competitors often have incentives to behave opportunistically. This is possible …

28.03.2017 | Original Paper

The influence of peer honesty and anonymity on managerial reporting

In certain situations, managers are able to observe their peers’ honesty in the budget setting process. This disclosed peer honesty may subsequently influence the individual managers’ honesty. Therefore, this study examines how different types of …

17.03.2017 | Original Paper

When labor representatives join supervisory boards: empirical evidence of the relationship between the change to parity codetermination and working capital and operating cash flows

We examine how the change to 50% labor representation on German supervisory boards is related to working capital and operating cash flows, since both are proxies for short-term financial policies. We expect the change to be associated with reduced …

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From January 2013, the Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft (ZfB) is published in English under the title Journal of Business Economics (JBE).

The Journal of Business Economics (JBE) aims at encouraging theoretical and applied research in the field of business economics and business administration, promoting the exchange of ideas between science and practice. In addition to original theoretical and empirical work, excellent state of the art contributions will also be considered.

The Journal of Business Economics was founded by renowned professors of business economics in 1924 in Germany under the name Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft (ZfB) and has since established itself as one of the leading academic journals for business and management. The double-blind refereed journal is edited by 11 Department Editors, and its Editorial Board members are from Europe, Japan, and the USA.

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Soll man die IT-Infrastruktur in die Cloud auslagern?

Dieser Fachbeitrag aus der Wirtschaftsinformatik und Management fokussiert sich auf die Infrastruktur aus der Cloud (IaaS) unter dem besonderen Aspekt des IT-Finanzmanagements. Man kann dies auch als die Betriebswirtschaft für die IT bezeichnen. Inklusive Praxisbeispiel.
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