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Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management

Official Journal of the Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management (JSMCWM) and the Korea Society of Waste Management (KSWM)

Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management OnlineFirst articles


Synthesis and characterization of natural rubber/coal fly ash composites via latex aqueous microdispersion

Composite films composed of uncured natural rubber (NR) combined with coal fly ash (CFA) and CFA treated by acid washing (CFAT), both acting as fillers, were developed. The goal was to add value to the CFA (which is an industrial waste) while …


A study on recovery of alumina grains from spent vitrified grinding wheel

About one-third of a grinding wheel is required for clamping. This portion remains unusable after the grinding wheel is consumed. However, this portion has virgin abrasives which can be used for grinding. The challenge is to recover the grains …

09.08.2018 | REVIEW

Framework for sustainable management of end-of-life vehicles management in India

Automobile manufacturing requires different metals-steel, aluminium, copper, lead, chromium, nickel and zinc, as well as significant amounts of plastic, glass, rubber and fabric. Analyzing the direct and indirect raw material requirements in the …


Mechanical properties and microstructure of cement mortars incorporating Cd-zeolitized fly ash

A solid enriched with NaA zeolite was synthesized from a coal fly ash, and the so-obtained zeolitized material was used as ion exchanger for purifying aqueous solution containing cadmium cations. Mechanical strengths and drying shrinkage measured …


Properties and potential use of biochars from residues of two rice varieties, Japanese Koshihikari and Vietnamese IR50404

Converting rice straw or rice husk into biochars is one of the most effective ways to reuse them. This study examined the effect of rice variety and pyrolysis temperature on the properties of biochars, produced from rice straw and rice husk of …

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The Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management has a twofold focus: research in technical, political, and environmental problems of material cycles and waste management; and information that contributes to the development of an interdisciplinary science of material cycles and waste management. Its aim is to develop solutions and prescriptions for material cycles.
The journal publishes original articles, reviews, and invited papers from a wide range of disciplines related to material cycles and waste management.

The journal is published in cooperation with the Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management (JSMCWM) and the Korea Society of Waste Management (KSWM).

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Unsicherheitsabschätzung für die Berechnung von dynamischen Überschwemmungskarten – Fallstudie Kulmbach

Das vom BMBF geförderte Projekt FloodEvac hat zum Ziel, im Hochwasserfall räumliche und zeitliche Informationen der Hochwassergefährdung bereitzustellen. Im hier vorgestellten Teilprojekt werden Überschwemmungskarten zu Wassertiefen und Fließgeschwindigkeiten unter Angabe der Modellunsicherheiten berechnet.
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