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Journal of Polymer Research

Ausgabe 12/2023

Inhalt (25 Artikel)

Original Paper

Effectively improving flame retardancy levels of finished cotton fabrics only by simple binary silicon-boron oxide sols

Chang Zhou, Songtao Zhou, Fei You, Zhenhua Wang, Dan Li, Gang Li, Xuefeng Zhang, Yu Pan, Junqi Wang, Jing Ma

Original Paper

A visible-light photoinduced controlled radical polymerization using recyclable MIL-100 (Fe) metal–organic frameworks

Tuyen Bich Thi Nguyen, Tam Huu Nguyen, Thao Phuong Le Nguyen, Cam Hong Thi Nguyen, Viet Quoc Nguyen, Chau Duc Tran, Tam Hoang Luu, Le-Thu T. Nguyen, Thanh Son Cu, Mai Ha Hoang, Ha Tran Nguyen, Quoc-Thiet Nguyen

Open Access Original Paper

Enhancing vibration damping properties of MABS/VDT blends using SEBS-g-MAH as a compatibilizer

Md Abu Shaid Sujon, Tito Andriollo, Aminul Islam

Original Paper

Synthesis and self-assembly of bottlebrush polymer for encapsulating of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic agents

Danni Gao, Chengtao Tang, Zhishun Yang, Longqiang Xiao, Linxi Hou

Original Paper

Effect of boric acid pretreatment on the formation and structural evolution of polyvinyl alcohol -iodine complex

Zhonghang Yang, Haipeng Zhang, Zhifei Wu, Zhongli Zhang, Jinyao Chen, Ya Cao, inyao Chen

Original Paper

Effect of tension during sulfonation stabilization for UHMWPE-derived carbon fibers

Kenneth R. Brown, Cole Love-Baker, Timothy M. Harrell, Xiaodong Li

Original Paper

Fractographic study of thermoplastic composites based on carbon fiber/PA6 conditioned in heated distilled water and saline solution and tested in tensile

Larissa Stieven Montagna, Guilherme Ferreira de Melo Morgado, Alessandro Guimarães, Fabio Roberto Passador, Mirabel Cerqueira Rezende

Original Paper

Synergistic antibacterial performance of rosemarinic acid - graphene oxide in electrospun polylactic acid membranes for air filtration

Chengyi Liu, Guicai Du, Qunqun Guo, Ronggui Li, Hongwei He, Changming Li

Original Paper

Fully biodegradable self-healing hydrogel prepared based on poly(aspartic acid) and pectin for drug delivery and anti-tumor therapy

Boyang Jia, Weichen Sun, Wenhao Duan, Xiangbo Ma, Yong Wang, Chengyan Zhou, Jianglei Qin

Original Paper

Structure-rheology properties of polyethylenes with varying macromolecular architectures

Jixiang Li, Ibtissam Touil, Carlos Fernández de Alba, Fernande Boisson, Olivier Boyron, Esmaeil Narimissa, Bo Lu, Huagui Zhang, Abderrahim Maazouz, Khalid Lamnawar

Original Paper

Morphology-manipulated aluminum diethylphosphinate and flame-retardant properties in thermoplastic polyurethane

Baoli Huang, Meng Ma, Yueyin Wang, Si Chen, Yanqin Shi, Huiwen He, Xu Wang

Open Access Original Paper

‘Spider-like’ POSS in NIPU webs: enhanced thermal stability and unique swelling behavior

Izabela Łukaszewska, Artur Bukowczan, Konstantinos N. Raftopoulos, Krzysztof Pielichowski

Original Paper

Thermally conductive silicone rubber used as insulation coating through incremental curing and the effects of thermal filler on its mechanical and thermal properties

Kang Zhang, Jianhui Qiu, Eiichi Sakai, Guohong Zhang, Hong Wu, Shaoyun Guo, Liang Zhang, Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Yasunori Chonan

Original Paper

Fabrication of 2D nanomaterial reinforced co-continuous binary blend composites for thermal management and EMI shielding applications

Ankur Katheria, Palash Das, Suman Kumar Ghosh, Jasomati Nayak, Krishnendu Nath, Sangit Paul, Shovan Biswas, Narayan Ch. Das

Original Paper

Synthesis and performance study of amphoteric ion fluid loss additive SSS/AM/FA/DMDAAC

Yaping Yang, Ming Li, Wei Zhang, Baolin Jiang, Wei Xu


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