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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

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11.06.2021 | Original Research Article

Effect of Varying Molar Volume on Interdiffusion Analysis in a Binary System

There are seven approaches of determination of interdiffusion coefficients with respect to volume-fixed frame given in the literature. These methods are by Boltzmann–Matano, Sauer–Freise, den Broeder, Wagner, Balluffi, Guy et al. and Danielewski …

11.06.2021 | Original Research Article

Effect of Compositional Variation on the Microstructural Evolution and the Castability of Al–Mg–Si Ternary Alloys

This study examined the microstructural evolution and castability of Al–Mg–Si ternary alloys with varying Si contents. Al–6Mg–xSi alloys (where x = 0, 1, 3, 5, and 7; all compositions in mass pct) were examined, with Al–6 mass pct Mg as a base …

10.06.2021 | Original Research Article

Effects of Cr on NiAl (β′) Precipitation in Ferritic Fe-Ni-Al Alloys

NiAl (β′)-strengthened ferritic alloys are promising candidates for high-temperature applications. They present a coherent precipitate–matrix interface and are usually alloyed with 10 wt pct Cr to improve corrosion resistance and provide solid …

09.06.2021 | Original Research Article

Effect of Heat Treatment on the Electrochemical and Mechanical Behavior of the Ti6Al4V Alloy

The effects of heat treatment on the hardness and electrochemical behavior of the Ti6Al4V alloy were studied. Two heat treatments were performed: one below (800 °C) and the other above (1050 °C) its beta transformation temperature …

09.06.2021 | Original Research Article

Distinct Recrystallization Kinetics in Ni–Co–Cr–Fe-Based Single-Phase High-Entropy Alloys

Recrystallization has been a major method to induce heterogeneous grain structure for improving the strength–ductility combination of single-phase high-entropy alloys (HEAs). However, the recrystallization kinetics, which are the guideline for …

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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A focuses on the latest research in all aspects of physical metallurgy and materials science. It explores relationships among processing, structure, and properties of materials; publishes critically reviewed, original research of archival significance.

The journal address the main topics of alloy phases; transformations; transport phenomena; mechanical behavior; physical chemistry; environment; welding & joining; surface treatment; electronic, magnetic & optical material; solidification; materials processing; composite materials; biomaterials; and light metals. MMTA publishes Technical Publications, Communications, Symposia, and more.

Published with ASM International, The Materials Information Society and The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)

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