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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

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10.07.2020 | Communication Open Access

Revealing the Subsurface Basal 〈a〉 Dislocation Activity in Magnesium Through Lattice Rotation Analysis

A method was proposed in this study to reveal the subsurface basal dislocation activity in Mg-Y alloy and determine the corresponding Burgers vector. This is achieved by correlating the slip directions of dislocations to the lattice rotation …

10.07.2020 | Communication

A Simple Mathematical Model for Establishing Isothermal Transformation Kinetics from Continuous Cooling Data

A simple mathematical model for establishing isothermal transformation kinetics from continuous cooling transformation data is presented. A new regression function of k, which is a reaction parameter of the Johnson–Mehl–Avrami equation, is …

09.07.2020 Open Access

Development of New Preheating Methods for Hot Forging Tools Based on Industrial Case Studies and Numerical Modeling

The study performs an overview and evaluation of the currently applied methods of preheating forging tools used in hot die forging processes performed on presses and presents the development and tests of new, more effective methods. Based on the …

08.07.2020 | Metallurgical and Materials Transactions 50th Anniversary Collection Open Access

Advances in Microstructural Understanding of Wrought Aluminum Alloys

Wrought aluminum alloys are an attractive option in the quest for lightweight, recyclable, structural materials. Modern wrought aluminum alloys depend on control of complex microstructures to obtain their properties. This requires an understanding …

07.07.2020 Open Access

The Influence of the Silicon Content on the Formation of Fe23B6 Metastable Phases in Fe65Co11−xB20SixZr2Hf2 Bulk Amorphous Alloys

This study aims to determine the effect of addition of a small quantity of Si on the formation of nanocrystalline structure in rapidly cooled Fe-Co-B alloys. As part of the work, the following alloys were produced using a method involving the …

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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A focuses on the latest research in all aspects of physical metallurgy and materials science. It explores relationships among processing, structure, and properties of materials; publishes critically reviewed, original research of archival significance.

The journal address the main topics of alloy phases; transformations; transport phenomena; mechanical behavior; physical chemistry; environment; welding & joining; surface treatment; electronic, magnetic & optical material; solidification; materials processing; composite materials; biomaterials; and light metals. MMTA publishes Technical Publications, Communications, Symposia, and more.

Published with ASM International, The Materials Information Society and The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)

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