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Political Behavior

Political Behavior 1/2019

Ausgabe 1/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

14.02.2019 | Introduction | Ausgabe 1/2019

Editors’ Introduction

Geoffrey Layman, Benjamin Radcliff

13.10.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2019

Durable Democracy? Economic Inequality and Democratic Accountability in the New Gilded Age

Benjamin J. Newman, Thomas J. Hayes

18.11.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2019

Electoral Confidence, Overconfidence, and Risky Behavior: Evidence from a Study with Elected Politicians

Lior Sheffer, Peter Loewen

18.12.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2019

Policy and Blame Attribution: Citizens’ Preferences, Policy Reputations, and Policy Surprises

Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan, Reimut Zohlnhöfer

22.12.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2019

Measuring Preferences for Divided Government: Some Americans Want Divided Government and Vote to Create It

Dean Lacy, Emerson M. S. Niou, Philip Paolino, Robert A. Rein

09.01.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2019

Electoral Discrimination Against Immigrant-Origin Candidates

Lea Portmann, Nenad Stojanović

16.01.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2019

The Elusive Backfire Effect: Mass Attitudes’ Steadfast Factual Adherence

Thomas Wood, Ethan Porter

16.01.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2019

Does Intolerance Dampen Dissent? Macro-Tolerance and Protest in American Metropolitan Areas

Christopher Claassen, James L. Gibson

06.02.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2019

Phenotypic Preference in Mexican Migrants: Evidence from a Random Household Survey

Rosario Aguilar, D. Alex Hughes, Micah Gell-Redman

12.02.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2019

Compulsory Voting Rules, Reluctant Voters and Ideological Proximity Voting

Ruth Dassonneville, Fernando Feitosa, Marc Hooghe, Richard R. Lau, Dieter Stiers

21.02.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2019

Negative Descriptive Social Norms and Political Action: People Aren’t Acting, So You Should

Hans J. G. Hassell, Emily E. Wyler

22.02.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2019

Left–Right Categorization and Perceptions of Party Ideologies

Federico Vegetti, Daniela Širinić

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