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Population and Environment

Ausgabe 3/2023

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Open Access Original Paper

Impacts of rainfall shocks on out-migration are moderated more by per capita income than by agricultural output in Türkiye

Nathan Delacrétaz, Bruno Lanz, Amir H. Delju, Etienne Piguet, Martine Rebetez

Open Access Original Paper

The influence of population aging on global climate policy

Daniel Albalate, Germà Bel, Jordi J. Teixidó

Open Access Original Paper

A people-centred framework for exploring water, energy and food security in a small developing island

Rebecca J. S. Newman, Jessica P. R. Thorn, Tahir A. Haji, Aziza Y. Nchimbi, Irene Musa, Charis Enns, Robert A. Marchant

Original Paper

Considering soil moisture in models of climate impacts on child health in farming-centric countries

Ruthie A. Burrows, Kathryn Grace, Molly E. Brown, Amy McNally

Original Paper

The effects of environmental stress on global agricultural landownership

Andrew Linke, Matthew Shawcroft

Review Article

Population and food systems: what does the future hold?

Stan Becker, Jessica Fanzo

Original Paper

Examining the effects of cumulative environmental stressors on Gulf Coast child and adolescent health

Gabriella Y. Meltzer, Alexis A. Merdjanoff, Shu Xu, Robyn Gershon, Christopher T. Emrich, David M. Abramson