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Production Engineering

Ausgabe 1/2021

Inhalt (12 Artikel)

Open Access Assembly

Analysis of the influence of process complexity and employee competence on the effect of digital assistance in industrial assembly

Thimo Keller, Magnus Behling, Christopher Stockinger, Joachim Metternich, Klaus Schützer

Computer Aided Engineering

Tangential interpolatory projections for a class of second-order index-1 descriptor systems and application to Mechatronics

Md. Motlubar Rahman, M. Monir Uddin, L. S. Andallah, Mahtab Uddin

Open Access Production Management

A deep q-learning-based optimization of the inventory control in a linear process chain

M.-A. Dittrich, S. Fohlmeister

Open Access Production Management

Simulation of utilization for LPBF manufacturing systems

Tobias Stittgen, Johannes Henrich Schleifenbaum

Open Access Production Management

Achieving parametric transparency in model-based factory planning

Peter Burggräf, Thomas Bergs, Matthias Dannapfel, Andreas Korff, Matthias Ebade Esfahani, Antonia Splettstoesser, Julius Steinlein

Production Management

Study of the effects of complexity on the manufacturing sector

Germán Herrera Vidal, Jairo Rafael Coronado Hernández

Open Access Production Process

In-process calibration of smart structures produced by incremental forming

Nassr Al-Baradoni, Martin Krech, Peter Groche

Open Access Production Process

Process design for 5-axis ball end milling using a real-time capable dynamic material removal simulation

B. Denkena, O. Pape, A. Krödel, V. Böß, L. Ellersiek, A. Mücke

Open Access Production Process

Measuring and modelling of process forces during tapping using single tooth analogy process

F. Geßner, M. Weigold, E. Abele

Open Access Production Process

Automated laser polishing for surface finish enhancement of additive manufactured components for the automotive industry

Alessandra Caggiano, Roberto Teti, Vittorio Alfieri, Fabrizia Caiazzo

Open Access Tooling

Analysis of stress pins for the local prestressing of cold forging tools

Martin Killmann, Marion Merklein

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