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08.05.2021 | Production Management Open Access

Predicting performance indicators with ANNs for AI-based online scheduling in dynamically interconnected assembly systems

Mass customization demands shorter manufacturing system response times due to frequent product changes. This increase in system dynamics imposes additional flexibility requirements especially on assembly processes, as complexity accumulates in …

03.05.2021 | Production Process

Experimental study of single grit scratch test on carbon fiber-reinforced polyether ether ketone

Carbon fiber-reinforced Polyether Ether Ketone is widely used in aerospace and medical industries due to its unique mechanical and physical properties. The use of CFR-PEEK in the industry is growing by replacing materials such as aluminum (in …

01.05.2021 | Assembly

Study on the balance between FSW parameters and heat treatment for an optimized Al2024-T8 joint: microstructural and tensile evaluations

In this study, the effects of different rotational speeds (ω) and T6 post weld heat treatment on the microstructure, micro-hardness distribution, and tensile properties of friction stir welded Al2024-T8 were investigated. Rotational speeds of 700 …

21.04.2021 | Production Process Open Access

Real-time stiffness compensation and force control of cooperating robots in robot-based double sided incremental sheet forming

In robot-based incremental sheet forming, the forming robot is displaced due to the forming forces and the comparable low stiffness. As the forming forces can not be predicted precisely, the stiffness needs to be compensated based on the …

11.04.2021 | Production Process Open Access

Analysis of batch asymmetry and batch line position for the decision support in the glass melting process

This paper presents the results of research on the analysis of historical data from a vision system developed by the authors, installed inside a glass furnace in one of the packaging glassworks. In particular, the authors focused on analysis of …

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