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Open Access 16.05.2022 | Production Management

Automation software architectures in automated production systems: an industrial case study in the packaging machine industry

In the era of Industry 4.0, advances in production engineering are driven by modern machines and equipment, whose evolution depends primarily on software nowadays. These machines are combined in automated Production Systems (aPS), whose software …

Open Access 22.04.2022 | Computer Aided Engineering

Sensitivity analysis of specific metrics for automated evaluation of layout changeability

Manufacturing companies are facing a turbulent market environment. Challenges for these companies lie in balancing efficient, economical action with maintaining agility, responsiveness and competitiveness. Thus, it is becoming even more important …

Open Access 16.04.2022 | Machine Tool

User-Specific Parameterization of Process Monitoring Systems

Errors in milling processes such as tool breakage or material inhomogeneities are a major risk to the quality of machined workpieces. Errors like a broken tool may also lead to damages to the machine tool. Process monitoring systems allow for …

Open Access 13.04.2022 | Production Process

Investigation of the friction conditions of self-pierce rivets by means of a compression-torsion tribometer

Lightweight design is an effective lever for achieving fuel consumption and emission-oriented goals. Therefore micro-alloyed steels and high-strength aluminium materials are included in the multi-material mix of the car body. In this context …

Open Access 13.04.2022 | Machine Tool

Cutting tool condition monitoring using eigenfaces

Tool wear monitoring in milling

Effective monitoring of the tool wear condition within a machining process can be very challenging. Depending on the sensors used, often only a part of the relevant wear information can be detected. In the case of milling processes data …

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Production Engineering - Research and Development reports peer reviewed results of latest research in industrial engineering, production engineering and industrial organization. The high level and focus on both the scientific as well as the practical impact of the selected papers will bridge the gap between research and successful industrial application. Researchers in production engineering as well as in operation management and supply chain organization will find recent valuable developments. The main topics span from novel production processes via computer aided engineering to process chain and factory management. Frequently published key note papers provide succinct reviews on the recent progress in particular research areas.

Production Engineering
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