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Quality of Life Research

An International Journal of Quality of Life Aspects of Treatment, Care and Rehabilitation - Official Journal of the International Society of Quality of Life Research

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Health-related quality of life assessment among people living with HIV in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: a cross-sectional study

HIV-related morbidity and mortality have changed over time and have transformed the way people face HIV infection, making its management similar to a chronic condition [ 1 , 2 ]. The increase in survival [ 3 ], as well as the low morbidity found …


Quality of Life for 19,114 participants in the ASPREE (ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly) study and their association with sociodemographic and modifiable lifestyle risk factors

Globally, a trend toward increasing life expectancy but reduced quality of life has been identified as a consequence of the demographic and epidemiological transition [ 1 ], with healthy life years being lost due to disability and multi-morbidity [ …2


Apathy and health-related quality of life in nursing home residents

Apathy is a very prevalent neuropsychiatric symptom (NPS) in people with neurological or neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease [ 1 – 5 ]. The core features of apathy are reduced interest or reduced …

03.11.2018 Open Access

Quality of life and service satisfaction in outpatients with severe or non-severe mental illness diagnoses

Modern mental health services not only aim to help patients control their symptoms, but also to help them manage everyday life and to live as good lives as possible [ 1 ]. Accordingly, in addition to psychiatric treatment, services often offer …


Confirmatory factor analysis of the Minnesota living with heart failure questionnaire among patients following open heart surgery for valve dysfunction

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Quality of Life Research is an international, multidisciplinary journal devoted to the rapid communication of original research, theoretical articles and methodological reports related to the field of quality of life, in all the health sciences. The journal also offers editorials, literature, book and software reviews, correspondence and abstracts of conferences.

Quality of life has become a prominent issue in biometry, philosophy, social science, clinical medicine, health services and outcomes research. The journal's scope reflects the wide application of quality of life assessment and research in the biological and social sciences. All original work is subject to peer review for originality, scientific quality and relevance to a broad readership.

This is the official journal of the International Society of Quality of Life Research.

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