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Soft Computing

Soft Computing 6/2005

Ausgabe 6/2005

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 7 Artikel )

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

A genetic algorithm for multiple sequence alignment

Jorng-Tzong Horng, Li-Cheng Wu, Ching-Mei Lin, Bing-He Yang

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Impulse activated sparse cell array network in non-linear autoregressive process modeling

Albert Kong

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

An approach for the robustness comparison between piecewise linear PID -like fuzzy and classical PID controllers

C. W. Tao, J. S. Taur

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

A new fuzzy relational clustering algorithm based on the fuzzy C-means algorithm

P. Corsini, B. Lazzerini, F. Marcelloni

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

A Fuzzy Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm

J. Liu, J. Lampinen

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

An invitation to economical test spaces and effect algebras

A. Dvurečenskij, M. G, Graziano

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Relational image compression: optimizations through the design of fuzzy coders and YUV color space

H. Nobuhara, W. Pedrycz, K. Hirota

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