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Soft Computing

A Fusion of Foundations, Methodologies and Applications

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07.05.2021 | Optimization

A novel search space reduction optimization algorithm

This paper proposes a novel metaheuristic-based optimization technique called search space reduction (SSR) optimization algorithm. This algorithm attempts to solve the common pitfalls in the existing algorithms in the literature by randomly …

07.05.2021 | Fuzzy systems and their mathematics

Bi-Level linear programming of intuitionistic fuzzy

In this research paper, we will solve problems of Bi-level linear fractional programming (BL-LFP) by proposing an interactive approach. Based on the imposition of the relationship DM. to obtained adequate solution, DMs will updating the minimal …

06.05.2021 | Methodologies and Application

Non-normal fuzzy number analysis in various levels using centroid method for fuzzy optimization

In the present article, a level analysis has been improved for various types of fuzzy numbers. In spite of non-normal fuzzy number ranking with more parameters are difficult, this analysis gives a clear idea for the non-normal case. The rank value …

06.05.2021 | Focus

Efficiently harvesting deep web interfaces based on adaptive learning using two-phase data crawler framework

Enhanced richness and size of the data on the web paves the path for increased online services, supporting the sophisticated usage of heterogeneous complex tasks by users. As deep web online services are increasing, several efficient techniques to …

06.05.2021 | Application of soft computing

A comparative analysis of metaheuristics applied to adaptive curriculum sequencing

The effective adoption of online learning depends on user satisfaction as distance education approaches suffer from a lack of commitment that may lead to failures and dropouts. The adaptive learning literature argues that an alternative to achieve …

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Soft Computing is dedicated to system solutions based on soft computing techniques. It provides rapid dissemination of important results in soft computing technologies, a fusion of research in evolutionary algorithms and genetic programming, neural science and neural net systems, fuzzy set theory and fuzzy systems, and chaos theory and chaotic systems.

Soft Computing encourages the integration of soft computing techniques and tools into both everyday and advanced applications. By linking the ideas and techniques of soft computing with other disciplines, the journal serves as a unifying platform that fosters comparisons, extensions, and new applications. As a result, the journal is an international forum for all scientists and engineers engaged in research and development in this fast growing field.

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