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Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing

Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 4/2006

Ausgabe 4/2006

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

01.08.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

Crew pairing optimization by a genetic algorithm with unexpressed genes

Taejin Park, Kwang Ryel Ryu

01.08.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

An effective coding approach for multiobjective integrated resource selection and operation sequences problem

Haipeng Zhang, Mitsuo Gen, Yoonho Seo

01.08.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

Deriving stacking strategies for export containers with uncertain weight information

Jaeho Kang, Kwang Ryel Ryu, Kap Hwan Kim

01.08.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

Integrated data structure and scheduling approach for manufacturing and transportation using hybrid genetic algorithm

Azuma Okamoto, Mitsuo Gen, Mitsumasa Sugawara

01.08.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

Deterministic inventory model for recycling system

Yong Hui Oh, Hark Hwang

01.08.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

A novel method for determining machine subgroups and backups with an empirical study for semiconductor manufacturing

Chen-Fu Chien, Chia-Yu Hsu

01.08.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

A model for preventive maintenance operations and forecasting

D. Daniel Sheu, Jun Yuan Kuo

01.08.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

A grouped storage method for minimizing relocations in block stacking systems

Jee Hyun Yang, Kap Hwan Kim

01.08.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

Network model and effective evolutionary approach for AGV dispatching in manufacturing system

Lin Lin, Seong Whan Shinn, Mitsuo Gen, Hark Hwang

01.08.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

Load scheduling for multiple quay cranes in port container terminals

Sung Ho Jung, Kap Hwan Kim

01.08.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

Scheduling jobs and maintenances in flexible job shop with a hybrid genetic algorithm

Jie Gao, Mitsuo Gen, Linyan Sun

01.08.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

Adaptive genetic algorithm for advanced planning in manufacturing supply chain

Chiung Moon, Yoonho Seo, Youngsu Yun, Mitsuo Gen

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