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The Journal of Supercomputing

The Journal of Supercomputing 10/2020

Ausgabe 10/2020

Special Section: Network Science for Big Data Computing (pp. 7733-8371)

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 42 Artikel )

29.01.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Filter cache: filtering useless cache blocks for a small but efficient shared last-level cache

Han Jun Bae, Lynn Choi

30.01.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Performance issues and solutions in SDN-based data center: a survey

Alireza Shirmarz, Ali Ghaffari

03.02.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Dynamic cooperative caching strategy for delay-sensitive applications in edge computing environment

Li Chunlin, Jing Zhang

04.02.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020 Open Access

SWEclat: a frequent itemset mining algorithm over streaming data using Spark Streaming

Wen Xiao, Juan Hu

06.02.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Scheduling scientific workflows on virtual machines using a Pareto and hypervolume based black hole optimization algorithm

Fatemeh Ebadifard, Seyed Morteza Babamir

07.02.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

A novel parallel Markov clustering method in biological interaction network analysis under multi-GPU computing environment

You Fu, Wei Zhou

11.02.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Elastic edge cloud resource management based on horizontal and vertical scaling

Chunlin Li, Jianhang Tang, Youlong Luo

01.10.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Editor’s note

10.01.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Relevance maximization for high-recall retrieval problem: finding all needles in a haystack

Justin JongSu Song, Wookey Lee

13.02.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2020

KMLOD: linked open data service for Korean medical database

PhalPheaktra Chhaya, Chi-Hwan Choi, Kyung-Hee Lee, Wan-Sup Cho, Young-Sung Lee

13.02.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2020

An attribute-based community search method with graph refining

Jingwen Shang, Chaokun Wang, Changping Wang, Gaoyang Guo, Jun Qian

23.02.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2020

An efficient continuous range query processing scheme in mobile P2P networks

Jongtae Lim, Kyoungsoo Bok, Jaesoo Yoo

24.02.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2020

The influence of IT investment and IT governance on corporate performance of multibusiness firms

KyungSeok Ryu, JooSeok Park, JaeHong Park

16.03.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2020 Open Access

MRTensorCube: tensor factorization with data reduction for context-aware recommendations

Svetlana Kim, Suan Lee, Jinho Kim, Yong-Ik Yoon

06.05.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2020 Open Access

Discovery of topic flows of authors

Young-Seob Jeong, Sang-Hun Lee, Gahgene Gweon, Ho-Jin Choi

12.05.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Adapting the TopLeaders algorithm for dynamic social networks

Wenhao Gao, Wenjian Luo, Chenyang Bu

15.01.2018 | Ausgabe 10/2020

An effective graph summarization and compression technique for a large-scaled graph

Hojin Seo, Kisung Park, Yongkoo Han, Hyunwook Kim, Muhammad Umair, Kifayat Ullah Khan, Young-Koo Lee

09.03.2018 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Reducing paging cost of tracking area list-based mobility management in LTE network

Jihee Jung, Jang Hyun Baek

11.04.2018 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Techniques and guidelines for effective migration from RDBMS to NoSQL

Ho-Jun Kim, Eun-Jeong Ko, Young-Ho Jeon, Ki-Hoon Lee

02.05.2018 | Ausgabe 10/2020

An emulation scheme for OpenGL SC 2.0 over OpenGL

Nakhoon Baek

20.06.2018 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Hardware-aided update acceleration in a hybrid Semantic Web database system

Dennis Heinrich, Stefan Werner, Christopher Blochwitz, Thilo Pionteck, Sven Groppe

10.07.2018 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Efficient processing of recommendation algorithms on a single-machine-based graph engine

Yong-Yeon Jo, Myung-Hwan Jang, Sang-Wook Kim, Kyungsik Han

14.07.2018 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Transition activity recognition using fuzzy logic and overlapped sliding window-based convolutional neural networks

Jaewoong Kang, Jongmo Kim, Seongil Lee, Mye Sohn

25.07.2018 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Power saving with CoMP transmission for densely deployed small cell networks

Linjing Zhao, Xiaonan Zhang, Ying Han, Kang G. Shin

14.09.2018 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Threshold-based portfolio: the role of the threshold and its applications

Sang Il Lee, Seong Joon Yoo

29.10.2018 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Designing an integrated knowledge graph for smart energy services

Sejin Chun, Jooik Jung, Xiongnan Jin, Seungmin Seo, Kyong-Ho Lee

08.12.2018 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Intelligent fault detection using raw vibration signals via dilated convolutional neural networks

Mohammad Azam Khan, Yong-Hwa Kim, Jaegul Choo

04.01.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Probability machine-learning-based communication and operation optimization for cloud-based UAVs

Hyeok-June Jeong, Suh-Yong Choi, Sung-Su Jang, Young-Guk Ha

10.01.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Distributed graph cube generation using Spark framework

Seok Kang, Suan Lee, Jinho Kim

01.02.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020

δ-Transitive closures and triangle consistency checking: a new way to evaluate graph pattern queries in large graph databases

Yangjun Chen, Bin Guo, Xingyue Huang

20.02.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020

An effective approach to enhancing a focused crawler using Google

Jae-Gil Lee, Donghwan Bae, Sansung Kim, Jungeun Kim, Mun Yong Yi

21.02.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Speech and music pitch trajectory classification using recurrent neural networks for monaural speech segregation

Han-Gyu Kim, Gil-Jin Jang, Yung-Hwan Oh, Ho-Jin Choi

08.03.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Improvement and performance analysis of a power-saving mechanism considering traffic patterns

Jihee Jung, Azizbek Marakhimov, Jang Hyun Baek

13.03.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Multi-sensor-based detection and tracking of moving objects for relative position estimation in autonomous driving conditions

Jinwoo Kim, Yonggeon Choi, MyungWook Park, Sangwoo Lee, Sunghoon Kim

11.07.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Hash-tree PCA: accelerating PCA with hash-based grouping

Lkhagvadorj Battulga, Sang-Hyun Lee, Aziz Nasridinov, Kwan-Hee Yoo

23.10.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020 Open Access

Learning class-specific word embeddings

Sicong Kuang, Brian D. Davison

18.11.2019 | Correction | Ausgabe 10/2020

Correction to: Learning class-specific word embeddings

Sicong Kuang, Brian D. Davison

06.12.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Multimodal deep learning for finance: integrating and forecasting international stock markets

Sang Il Lee, Seong Joon Yoo

18.12.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020

An accelerated rendering scheme for massively large point cloud data

Nakhoon Baek, Kwan-Hee Yoo

05.03.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Pseudo-random number generation using LSTMs

Young-Seob Jeong, Kyo-Joong Oh, Chung-Ki Cho, Ho-Jin Choi

10.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Predator–prey approach in modeling users’ data packets forwarding

Yaming Zhang, Yaya H. Koura, Yanyuan Su

13.06.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Comparative studies on machine learning for paralinguistic signal compression and classification

Seokhyun Byun, Seunghyun Yoon, Kyomin Jung

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