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Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management 12/2007

Ausgabe 12/2007

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 9 Artikel )

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 12/2007

Editorial Notes

Ann van Griensven, N. Fohrer, C. McCulloch

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 12/2007

Asymmetry and Equity in Water Resources Management; Critical Institutional Issues for Southern Africa

Pieter van der Zaag

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 12/2007

Avoiding Tragedies of the Intellectual Commons through Integrated Impact Assessments

Pasky Pascual

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 12/2007

Groundwater-Dependent Wetlands in the UK and Ireland: Controls, Functioning and Assessing the Likelihood of Damage from Human Activities

Stefan Krause, A. Louise Heathwaite, Felicity Miller, Paul Hulme, Andrew Crowe

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 12/2007

Modelling the Effectiveness of Agricultural Measures to Reduce the Amount of Pesticides Entering Surface Waters

Katrijn Holvoet, Veerle Gevaert, Ann van Griensven, Piet Seuntjens, Peter A. Vanrolleghem

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 12/2007

Rule-based Decision Support System for the Morphological Rehabilitation of Watercourses

Hani Sewilam, Sabine Bartusseck, Heribert Nacken

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 12/2007

A SDSS-based Ecological-economic Modelling Approach for Integrated River Basin Management on Different Scale Levels – The Project FLUMAGIS

Martin Volk, Jesko Hirschfeld, Gerd Schmidt, Carsten Bohn, Alexandra Dehnhardt, Stefan Liersch, Leo Lymburner

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 12/2007

A Business-As-Usual Scenario Analysis for the Po Basin-North Adriatic Continuum

G. Trombino, N. Pirrone, S. Cinnirella

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 12/2007

Integrating Research for Water Management: Synergy or Dystopia?

C. S. McCulloch

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