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Water Resources Management

An International Journal - Published for the European Water Resources Association (EWRA)

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Optimal Design of Barrage Profile on Anisotropic Soil Using Multi‐Objective Optimization Approach

Weirs and barrages are costly hydraulic diversion structures; therefore, any attempt to improve their design is a worthy contribution. Diversion structures, such as weir or barrage, may be designed on permeable formations considering homogenous …


Flood Wave Superposition Analysis Using Quantitative Matching Patterns of Peak Magnitude and Timing in Response to Climate Change

Flood wave superposition (FWS) of upstream and tributary rivers, as a typical compound hydrological event, may lead to considerable downstream flood hazards. In spite of this, the quantitative identification of FWS classification so far remains …


Distributed Simulation‐optimization Model for Conjunctive Use of Groundwater and Surface Water Under Environmental and Sustainability Restrictions

Evolving optimal management strategies are essential for the sustainable development of water resources. A coupled simulation-optimization model that links the simulation and optimization models internally through a response matrix approach is …


Synergetic Theory-Based Water Resource Allocation Model

To promote the harmonious development of human and water resources, the scarcity and ecological value of water resources should be considered in water resource allocation. In this paper, synergetic theory was applied to the process of water …


Developing Water Cycle Algorithm for Optimal Operation in Multi-reservoirs Hydrologic System

Optimal operation of multi-objective reservoirs is one of the complex and, sometimes nonlinear, issues in multi-objective hydrologic system optimization. Meta-heuristic algorithms are good optimization tools which look for decision space via …

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Water Resources Management is an international, multidisciplinary forum for the publication of original contributions and the exchange of knowledge and experience on the management of water resources. In particular, the journal publishes contributions on water resources assessment, development, conservation and control, emphasizing policies and strategies. Contributions examine planning and design of water resource systems, and
operation, maintenance and administration of water resource systems.

Coverage extends to these closely related topics: water demand and consumption; applied surface and groundwater hydrology; water management techniques; simulation and modelling of water resource systems; forecasting and control of quantity and quality of water; economic and social aspects of water use; legislation and water resources protection.
Water Resources Management is supported scientifically by the European Water Resources Association, a scientific and technical nonprofit-making European association.

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