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Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing

Ausgabe 2/2024

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In memoriam Kai-Uwe Schmidt

Teo Mora

Original Paper

Univariate polynomial factorization over finite fields with large extension degree

Joris van der Hoeven, Grégoire Lecerf

Original Paper

-double cyclic codes with respect to the Hermitian inner product

Ismail Aydogdu, Taher Abualrub, Karim Samei

Original Paper

Distance-regular graphs and new block designs obtained from the Mathieu groups

Dean Crnković, Nina Mostarac, Andrea Švob

Original Paper

Symbol-pair distance of some repeated-root constacyclic codes of length over the Galois ring

Hai Q. Dinh, Pramod Kumar Kewat, Nilay Kumar Mondal

Original Paper

Decision problem for a class of univariate Pfaffian functions

María Laura Barbagallo, Gabriela Jeronimo, Juan Sabia

Open Access Original Paper

Multidimensional Byzantine agreement in a synchronous setting

Andrea Flamini, Riccardo Longo, Alessio Meneghetti

Original Paper

On Kostant’s weight q-multiplicity formula for

Pamela E. Harris, Peter Hollander, Daniel C. Qin, Maria Rodriguez-Hertz

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