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27.07.2021 Open Access

A survey on evolutionary computation for complex continuous optimization

Complex continuous optimization problems widely exist nowadays due to the fast development of the economy and society. Moreover, the technologies like Internet of things, cloud computing, and big data also make optimization problems with more …


Evolutionary design of neural network architectures: a review of three decades of research

We present a comprehensive review of the evolutionary design of neural network architectures. This work is motivated by the fact that the success of an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) highly depends on its architecture and among many approaches …

27.07.2021 Open Access

An empirical evaluation of kernels for time series

There exist a variety of distance measures which operate on time series kernels. The objective of this article is to compare those distance measures in a support vector machine setting. A support vector machine is a state-of-the-art classifier for …


Passive image forensics using universal techniques: a review

Digital tamper detection is a substantial research area of image analysis that identifies the manipulation in the image. This domain has matured with time and incredible accuracy in the last five years using machine learning and deep …


Capitalization and punctuation restoration: a survey

Ensuring proper punctuation and letter casing is a key pre-processing step towards applying complex natural language processing algorithms. This is especially significant for textual sources where punctuation and casing are missing, such as the …

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